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We'll write your resume so that it's tailored to your target job.

We can help you write your resume to ensure you are presented in the strongest and most marketable light. We do this by gathering critical background information from you and identifying your unique accomplishments prior to writing your resume.

Many resume writing services you find online outsource their writing to workers overseas or local writers who aren't trained to think strategically about your career. At PathUp®, we are career strategists. Our founder / lead career coach personally writes your resume to set you up for success in your job search.

Because we take the time to tailor your resume to your target job, the amount of work involved in writing your resume will vary. As a result, pricing will also vary. Our resume writing services usually start at $799, depending on your experience level, what needs to be updated, and your target job (e.g., whether you're making a linear move in your career or seeking a larger career change).

If you're looking for a coach to help you strategize and create a marketable document for your job search, we can help.

To request a quote, please download this form.

Resume Writing


Director of Sales Enablement


Update 11/7/2020: Success! I just accepted an offer for a role that fit everything I was looking for next in my career journey with Teresa's support and coaching. Thanks Teresa!
Feeling my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be and after searching through the hundreds of career coaches, finding Teresa was exciting!  Her impressive experience and thoughtful approach were the perfect fit for the insight and guidance I needed.  She immediately knew my strategy needed an expert’s perspective and added tips to help me think differently.  As a frustrated job seeker, I felt she instilled the confidence needed to continue my career journey and implement the necessary shift in my approach.  Teresa combines industry knowledge with thought provoking questions and genuine empathy while still holding you accountable, which as a result leaves you feeling truly empowered.


Procurement Manager


I highly recommend Teresa! I hired Teresa after a failed interview for a job I thought I had in the bag. Teresa worked with me to update my resume and cover letter, providing me with invaluable templates and feedback. She also helped me strategize my job search. I landed an interview with a target company and aced the interview after two sessions of interview prep with Teresa. The interview prep sessions were challenging for me and so helpful! It illuminated my blind spots and was truly invaluable in my preparation. I was actually brought in at a HIGHER level than what I applied for! $$$ :) I am super grateful to Teresa for her kind and compassionate yet direct and thorough approach. She has exceeded my expectations. Don't hesitate to work with her!


Marketing Specialist


Teresa was the fresh pair of eyes that I needed for my resume and the voice of guidance to achieve better results in my job search. Not only did she help me revise my resume so that it did a better job of showcasing my talents and wouldn't get overlooked by recruiters, but she also helped me understand my own approach to job searching. Less than two weeks after she helped me revise my resume, with some back and forth revisions and getting my base resume established, I got a job interview, which turned into a job offer. With Teresa's help, I am now back in the workforce in a position that I truly enjoy. Teresa truly understands the landscape of job searching and what recruiters look for, and knows how to turn that knowledge into effective direction and useful advice to help people achieve their professional goals. No judgment, no fluff, no beating around the bush; just objective counseling and guidance.


User Research


Teresa played a huge role in helping me land a job. I was having trouble getting past the initial call with my interviews, and I knew I needed help. Teresa worked with me on showcasing my relevant experience thoughtfully and succinctly. Most importantly, she helped me find the confidence to express myself in a way that promotes my strengths, and not shy away from talking about my accomplishments. I highly recommend her if you ever need to find the confidence to navigate the grueling job search process. She’s a delight to work with!

Elizabeth photo.PNG

Business Intelligence


Career coaching was never something I'd consider - until I stumbled upon Teresa. Now I don't even hesitate to refer Teresa to people that are going through the job search process. She is extremely organized and articulate, and knew how to ask the right questions to help me figure out what I was good at, and what I needed to work on. From our sessions I can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to find fulfillment in their careers. I wasn't even halfway through her program when I landed a job that checked all of my boxes! Thank you again Teresa, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is lost in their career, or just need a little push in getting that final offer.

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