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Job Search Coaching

Our clients have been hired by:


Sorry, job search coaching is currently full, so we are not accepting new clients at this time.


Job search coaching is tailored to your job search needs. We conduct an analysis of your job search and identify the areas of improvement. From there, we provide you with the tools and guidance to close the gap. Whether that's tweaking your resume or crafting your interview stories, we ensure you are effectively selling yourself on paper and in person.

This program includes 1:1 coaching to update your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn and/or strategically practice for interviews. We also provide resume and cover letter templates for you to keep.


Our clients have been hired by Pinterest, Warner Brothers, Kaiser, Amazon, HubSpot, Paige Jeans, Northrop Grumman, Google, Hulu, and JP Morgan...
just to name a few :)

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Business Intelligence


Career coaching was never something I'd consider - until I stumbled upon Teresa. Now I don't even hesitate to refer Teresa to people that are going through the job search process. From the very first consultation with Teresa, it was clear to me that she has a natural talent of pinpointing not only my strengths and accomplishments, but also identifying the important qualities for the field I wanted to go into. I wasn't even halfway through her program when I landed a job that checked all of my boxes! Thank you again Teresa, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is lost in their career, or just need a little push in getting that final offer.


Patient Care Services


I'm so thankful for Teresa, I just didn't know how to interview, it had been over 9 years since I interviewed for a job. Teresa was patient with me and outlined how to address questions and to highlight my experience within the job description, excellent teaching. I finally landed a position in an organization that I had been trying to get into for over 5 years. I highly recommend PathUp Career Coaching!




Teresa is AMAZING! She was an integral part of my interview preparation process and contributed directly to my success. I decided to shift my career from finance to technology. Teresa helped me discover my strengths and craft my pitch/story based on my experience. Her coaching sessions gave me the confidence to perform well during my interview rounds. Her approach and style of coaching enabled me to achieve success. I was offered the job I was prepping for and couldn't have done it without Teresa!

Resume Review

We will review your resume and provide feedback on structure, format, and most importantly, content. You will also receive templates to the same resumes that have helped our clients land interviews and offers at companies such as Facebook.

Cover Letter Review

We will work together to finalize your resume and show you how to write cover letters in less than 20 minutes. You will also receive cover letter templates for you to keep. We'll provide extensive feedback so your cover letter will better position you to get interviews.

LinkedIn Analysis

You'll receive recommendations for your LinkedIn profile by our lead career coach who previously worked at LinkedIn setting up targeted inMails to members. Recruiters are using LinkedIn to hire for open roles, so you'll be best positioned to be hired through LinkedIn.

Mock Interview

We will conduct a mock interview to assess your strengths and weaknesses for interviews. We will also show you exactly how to prepare for interviews and anticipate job-specific questions. You will receive a list of common questions to prepare for our next session.

In addition, we will analyze your interview responses, coach you to be more confident in interviews, and show you how to change your interview strategy depending on the role and company you’re applying for. By the end of the session, you’ll walk away feeling confident and know exactly how to approach future interviews. You will also know exactly how to convince the hiring manager you’re the best candidate for the job.



User Research


Teresa played a huge role in helping me land a job. I was having trouble getting past the initial call with my interviews, and I knew I needed help. Teresa worked with me on showcasing my relevant experience thoughtfully and succinctly. Most importantly, she helped me find the confidence to express myself in a way that promotes my strengths, and not shy away from talking about my accomplishments. Right off the bat, I could tell that she’s an expert in career coaching. She’s extremely organized and effective in communicating and teaching the kind of tools that work well for any particular situation. I learned a lot of frameworks that not only apply to interviewing, but to public speaking in general. I highly recommend her if you ever need to find the confidence to navigate the grueling job search process. She’s a delight to work with!

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My experience working with Teresa was life changing. After 2 or 3 sessions, I began getting interviews from companies and eventually got hired into a company that I am extremely honored and blessed to be working for. Teresa was able to help me transform my resume from an unimpressive piece of paper into something that I am proud to distribute to people. Teresa helped set me up for success because after 2-3 days of applying for jobs, I ended up getting selected for multiple interviews. Each week that we met, I had progress within my job hunt and after week 4, I had signed a contract with a company. I wouldn't be where I am without Teresa.

Maria Pacheco Photo.JPG



Teresa is not only an excellent career coach, but she is also a wonderful, kind, and honest person. I consider myself lucky to have come across her website. I always looked forward to our sessions. Teresa was patient, knowledgeable, and to the point. She is focused and determined to help me achieve my goals in each session.

Teresa helped me create an outstanding resume, showed me efficient ways to write cover letters, and we even practiced mock interviews.

I feel confident every time I go in for a job interview. I've received many offers and I'm still interviewing to see all of my options. I couldn't be happier with the results.


Premium Package





3 sessions of job coaching
Each session lasts for 30-45 min
Valid for 2 months (expiration)

Elite Package





6 sessions of job coaching
Each session lasts for 30-45 min
Valid for 2 months (expiration)

If you are seeking additional guidance throughout your job search,
our "All Package" with 9 sessions could be most beneficial for you. 

All Package





9 sessions of job coaching
Each session lasts for 30-45 min
Valid for 3 months (expiration)

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