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I cannot recommend PathUp highly enough! Teresa is an amazing career coach and has come up with an excellent program that really works! I completely trusted Teresa and the career coaching process and I'm SO glad that I did! She helped me identify a new career path that I feel excited about and helped me find the confidence to move forward. One of the best things I've ever done for myself!




Teresa is AMAZING. She was an integral part of my interview preparation process and contributed directly to my success. I decided to shift my career from finance to technology. I have been working in finance for most of my professional career and I lacked extensive interview experience. Teresa helped me discover my strengths and craft my pitch/story based on my experience. Her coaching sessions gave me the confidence to perform well during my interview rounds. Her approach and style of coaching enabled me to achieve success. I was offered the job I was prepping for and couldn't have done it without Teresa!




I can't recommend working with Teresa enough! She is insightful, patient, attentive, and incredibly supportive. Her program is thoughtful and well-structured. Working with Teresa over the course of the past 3 months has enabled me to connect with my skills, discover my passions, and uncover parts of myself previously unknown. I feel empowered to pursue my career goals. It is exciting to have defined a path that I am confident I can achieve. She has also introduced me to new tools and approaches that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. I am so glad I invested in myself and will always be so grateful to her for being such a supportive partner.



Patient Care Services

I'm so thankful for Teresa, I just didn't know how to interview, it had been over 9 years since I interviewed for a job. Teresa was patient with me and outlined how to address questions and to highlight my experience within the job description, excellent teaching. I finally landed a position in an organization that I had been trying to get into for over 5 years. I highly recommend PathUp Career Coaching to anyone who is out of the practice of interviewing and who have bought into the stigma that it's hard for a woman to land a position over 50 let alone almost 60. Thanks again Teresa



Interior Design

I highly recommend working with Teresa!! Besides her thorough and detailed program, she is understanding, attentive, supportive, and incredibly caring. I came to Teresa having already done a lot of excavating of myself and going down paths of big questions, but Teresa helped me consolidate those wandering paths, dig deeper than previously, ask questions I hadn't thought to, and she directed me to resources and tools I had never thought of. Having Teresa to hold me accountable was exactly what I needed. If I did it all over again, I would have started with Teresa sooner.



Graphic Design

I worked with Teresa from March 2020-June 2020 and can speak very highly of my experience! I was terrified to be searching for a job in the middle of a global pandemic and US recession, but after prepping with Teresa, I was able to land a job I'm beyond excited about at a company that is a fantastic fit, with a salary that exceeded my expectations. Her interview prep helped me the most, having me rehearse and practice answering new questions on my toes while always echoing back to the strategies we had worked through. Thanks so much Teresa!  I highly recommend her for job searchers!



Physical Therapy

After a decade of doing a job that did not bring me satisfaction I started looking for a change but didn't know how to find that satisfaction in a career.  Working in my previous career left me drained and while aspects of the work were fun, I wanted something else to match with my interests and to help people. Working with Teresa and her course work was enlightening and opened my eyes to many more careers and interest that I had not thought of before.  The materials helped me understand what I needed in a career and guided me to assess different career options that made sense for me. After about 2 months I finally had the career that excites me and I had a plan on how to get it. I'm excited and know what I need to do to get where I want to be. It'll be a long road to change my trajectory but I'm looking forward to this change. Thank you Teresa for helping me find my career path!




I had a fantastic experience with Teresa's career coaching program. I was in the middle of an ambiguous, pivotal career change and Teresa helped me clarify my north star so that I could make path-aligned decisions. Her help with resume writing was invaluable. Constructing a resume is both an art and a science and perfecting the process is critical for success in this competitive job market. Teresa's instructions/ guidance were a game changer.

Elizabeth photo.PNG


Business Intelligence

Career coaching was never something I'd consider - until I stumbled upon Teresa. Now I don't even hesitate to refer Teresa to people that are going through the job search process.


From the very first consultation with Teresa, it was clear to me that she has a natural talent of pinpointing not only the my strengths and accomplishments, but also identify the important qualities for the field I wanted to go into. She is also very good at uncovering my doubts and insecurities, and helped me work through them. She provided me with so much clarity and guidance, as well as how to package my experience, and recommended ways to improve as a candidate that no one else really thought of.


She is extremely organized and articulate, and knew how to ask the right questions to help me figure out what I was good at, and what I needed to work on. From our sessions I can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to find fulfillment in their careers. I wasn't even halfway through her program when I landed a job that checked all of my boxes!


Thank you again Teresa, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is lost in their career, or just need a little push in getting that final offer.



Procurement Manager

I highly recommend Teresa! I hired Teresa after a failed interview for a job I thought I had in the bag. Teresa worked with me to update my resume and cover letter, providing me with invaluable templates and feedback. She also helped me strategize my job search. I landed an interview with a target company and aced the interview after two sessions of interview prep with Teresa. The interview prep sessions were challenging for me and so helpful! It illuminated my blind spots and  was truly invaluable in my preparation.

I was actually brought in at a HIGHER level than what I applied for! $$$ :) I am super grateful to Teresa for her kind and compassionate yet direct and thorough approach. She has exceeded my expectations. Don't hesitate to work with her!

Pamela photo.jpg


UX/UI Designer

Teresa came at the time that I needed guidance the most. My sister, also a previous client of Teresa, referred her to me during the period when I was really lost. At first, I was a little skeptical as to how much this program could help me identify my tailor-made career but after the first call with Teresa, I knew I can trust her, and so I gave this program a shot. Looking back three months after, I can proudly say that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

In the past three months, Teresa provided me with clarity, encouragement, and guidance to figure out my career path. She helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, and the possibilities I have for my future path. Her assignments were really well planned out and guided me through a series of deep self-exploratory. During our calls, she would always ask thought-provoking questions, pinpoint where you’re stuck, and provide new perspectives to overcome your insecurities. Teresa genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them grow and succeed. What I love about Teresa is her empathy to understand her client’s emotions and current situations. She not only celebrates the small steps and big improvements with you but also provides you a safe space to be vulnerable. Her skills in coaching and seeing the potential in you are phenomenal! I would recommend her to anyone- without any hesitation!

Thank you again, Teresa! I would not have gotten to where I am today, feeling confident and ready to step foot into the new path, without your guidance.




The career coaching program is a fantastic framework which questioned and guided me to thoroughly reflect on myself about how I am really thinking and feeling. It gives me a clear boundary about what I am good at, what I cannot bear and what options I can explore, thus leading me to what I should do next. After finishing this two months thinking process, I completely refreshed my understanding about what I want to achieve in my life and figured out a feasible plan. I truly believe that Teresa offers genuine help to people like me who are struggling to find a purpose.

Jeff photo.PNG


Web/Graphic Design

7/10/2019 Update: The program has officially ended, but there will also be a new (fresh) start for myself. In the near three to four months of being under Teresa’s mentorship, it is truly the best educational experience I’ve had. Clearly, everything that was covered through the program isn’t taught in school. Teresa is simply a craftswoman that undeniably tailors this soul searching program to make sure the student gets full clarity of what they should passionately go after.


I can guarantee that even if, by the end of the program, an individual isn’t 100% sure about what they are willing to chase after… it will be at least 85%. There is no single takeaway that I could think of.


No spoiler alerts here! Bottom line is this: if YOU feel stuck, unsure, unmotivated, stagnant… unhappy with your current role and whatever industry you’re in, I urge you to reach out to Teresa. There is absolutely no way that this program won’t be beneficial in one way or another. Life can sometimes move too quickly and too often we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s not about being born into this world, getting an education, become married, and grow old. There is so much more than just that!


Teresa, I know I sound like a broken record, but I sincerely cannot thank you enough for these past several months. Thank you as well for sharing your personal and professional growth - inspiring at the very least!


It's impossible where to begin in how I'd describe Teresa as a (ongoing) career coach. tl;dr She is basically the Mohammed Ali of career coaching services.


I accidentally came across the life & career coaching programs when I signed up for LinkedIn's premium service as a trial. Coincidentally, Teresa appeared on my results page for both programs! Prior to that though, I already completed a phone consultation with her. From the short, but comprehensive chat that we had, I already knew in my gut that I would want to select her as my coach. Currently, I'm somewhat in the early-mid stages of the program... and if it were to stop right at this point, I would feel so accomplished with what has been done so far. There are people who have worked their way up to having a talent and then there are those who are naturally born with that talent. Without question, Teresa is the latter. She is similar to a player's coach, because she does beyond an incredible job of mentoring but being able to see eye-to-eye with her "player". It didn't take long for me to treat her more as a close friend rather than a coach. Make no mistake though! The overall structure of her program and assignments will unquestionably make anyone think far much deeper about themselves.


In no way shape or form do I work for Teresa, but I can unequivocally attest that she is one, if not the best, career coaches out there. I cannot thank her enough for what I've experienced so far because the kind of "discovery" I've come across is priceless beyond any means.



Accounts Receivable

I highly recommend working with Teresa. She is a wonderful coach and helped me figure out a career field that I'd like to pivot into, which during a global pandemic is no easy task. She helped me identify my strengths and allowed me to realize things about myself that I would have never considered when looking for a new professional career. If you're not satisfied in your current career path and are looking to make a change, I can't recommend Teresa enough. It felt like she was genuinely interested in making sure that I found the best possible career path for myself.



Executive Recruiting

Teresa is an incredible career coach and goes the extra mile to dig into the root causes of a potential career moves, areas of concern, frustrations, internal passion, fire, and desire. Teresa has an excellent way to bring out the best in you and unlock potential that you didn’t know existed.​ She is extremely motivating, encouraging, and wants to make sure you are seeing a “clear picture” at the end of her program. She is responsive, punctual and anyone considering career coaching...look no further! Thanks Teresa! : )

Maria photo.jpg


IO Psychologist

Teresa is an amazing coach and helped me figure out my career path. After three months of the Career for Me program, I feel way more confident about my career choice and my personal strengths. The 1:1 coaching we had was really awesome and made me realize things about myself that has helped me a lot along the way of finding a new career. What I thought was my weakness is actually a strength. I highly recommend Teresa if you're looking for a career coach!

ali harlan.JPG



My experience working with Teresa was life changing. I went straight into graduate school after undergrad and was extremely overwhelmed and terrified for life after school. Teresa helped me navigate all the experience that I had accumulated in college and figure out a way to present it to employers to best market my talents and abilities. Before working with Teresa, I felt very insecure and scared regarding my future. I watched all of my peers get jobs straight out of college, while I was getting denied every single day and watching my efforts go to waste. After 2 or 3 sessions, I began getting interviews from companies and eventually got hired into a company that I am extremely honored and blessed to be working for. Teresa was able to help me transform my resume from an unimpressive piece of paper into something that I am proud to distribute to people. We worked on everything from my resume and cover letter, to interviewing techniques and salary negotiation. Teresa helped set me up for success, because after 2-3 days of applying for jobs, I ended up getting selected for multiple interviews. Each week that we met, I had progress within my job hunt and after week 4, I had signed a contract with a company. I wouldn't be where I am without Teresa.



Chemical Engineering

I found Teresa during a critical moment in my life. I had taken a long career break and was looking for a job. The search was challenging and at times it seemed like getting my career back on track was becoming an unattainable goal. I knew I needed support and that's how I ended up finding Teresa. I reached out to her and we quickly got a phone consultation. That went well and I got a feeling she could help me. As we started our sessions my impression regarding her service just kept improving! Shortly after we started our work together I saw a real difference in the way I approached my search and as a consequence the way the companies responded also changed. And that led to a beautiful job offer that I am really excited about.


Teresa has a really interesting way of working with her clients. She brings the knowledge about job search, she meets you where you are and help you realizing what the next step should be. She doesn't give you any answers. She gives you the tools to go find them by yourself. And that's applicable to all the stages of our work together. She shared her knowledge with me in a way that allowed me to develop valuable life skills. There were also moments when we had tough conversations. Moments when I shared with her my uncertainty regarding the future and once again she was there to listen and share her perspective. She did not tell me what to do. She helped me finding my own answers by focusing my attention on what really mattered to me. And from there, I was able to make a plan that truly incorporated my values and priorities. That was nothing short of beautiful, a true growing experience that I will always treasure.


Based on my experience, I can only think that any professional facing some degree of uncertainty would benefit from working with her. She is really experienced, insightful and compassionate. And would most likely have some valuable thoughts to share. Thank you, Teresa!!!



Product Operations

Teresa is a fantastic career coach! I've worked with her when I was figuring out the next step in my career after having a baby. I signed up for the Career Clarity + Job Search Program, and we had 1:1 sessions throughout ten weeks. She is very thoughtful, always on point, and excellent at connecting the dots about my past, present, and future. Her lessons are also very eye-opening! They helped me deep dive into who I am as a person, understand my strengths, passions, and values, and incorporate them in my next move. I'm so happy that I worked with Teresa and followed her guidance. If you're feeling lost or if you need any help career-wise, I highly recommend her!



Engineering Manager

Teresa was great at being responsive right at the time I needed it. We prepped, mock interviewed and I ended up getting the job!!

Thanks for all the practice and specialized pointers! Your aid was very valuable and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for career guidance.



User Researcher

Teresa played a huge role in helping me land a job. I was having trouble getting past the initial call with my interviews, and I knew I needed help. Teresa worked with me on showcasing my relevant experience thoughtfully and succinctly. Most importantly, she helped me find the confidence to express myself in a way that promotes my strengths, and not shy away from talking about my accomplishments.


Right off the bat, I could tell that she’s an expert in career coaching. She’s extremely organized and effective in communicating and teaching the kind of tools that work well for any particular situation. I learned a lot of frameworks that not only apply to interviewing, but to public speaking in general.


I highly recommend her if you ever need to find the confidence to navigate the grueling job search process. She’s a delight to work with!



Marketing Specialist

I was unexpectedly put out of work due to the pandemic, so I was not ready to be back on the market looking for a new job. At first, I was discouraged because I wasn't getting requests for interviews after I put in hours of work revising and updating my resume. I applied to so many jobs that led to dead ends so I reached out to Teresa. 

Teresa was the fresh pair of eyes that I needed for my resume and the voice of guidance to achieve better results in my job search. Not only did she help me revise my resume so that it did a better job of showcasing my talents and wouldn't get overlooked by recruiters, but she also helped me understand my own approach to job searching and got me thinking about what career path I really wanted to take. 
Less than two weeks after she helped me revise my resume, with some back and forth revisions and getting my base resume established, I got a job interview, which turned into a job offer. With Teresa's help, I am now back in the workforce in a position that I truly enjoy and with confidence that when I find myself in a position looking for a new job or career change, Teresa will be there to help if I reach out. 

Teresa truly understands the landscape of job searching and what recruiters look for, and knows how to turn that knowledge into effective direction and useful advice to help people achieve their professional goals. No judgment, no fluff, no beating around the bush; just objective counseling and guidance.

Liz Photo_edited.jpg


Talent Development

The Career For Me program brought me so much clarity and realization. Throughout this program, I learned how to pinpoint my unique set of strengths and passions. We even went deeper and uncovered hidden doubts and fears that I did not know was preventing me from reaching my potential. This career program changed my perspective around what I actually want out of life and what I am truly passionate for. Teresa is very passionate about helping others find the right career path. She will push you to find your potential. Her unique coaching skills helped me realize what career path would bring me the most fulfillment in life. I am now feeling more ready and confident than ever to go out and start pursuing my career. Thank you Teresa, your passion and empathy never goes unnoticed!



Project Management

I was nervous about signing up for Career Coaching but after my consultation with Teresa, I felt at ease. She has a special gift of hearing the words you're not directly saying and making sense of your unique situation. I signed up for the "Career Fulfillment" program that included an online course called "Career Clarity" and (3) 1:1 sessions with Teresa. This was the best combo for me and the 1:1 sessions were so valuable! I appreciated the holistic approach to career coaching and her understanding that several other aspects of your life and your career go hand and hand. I can't say enough good things about Teresa & PathUp. Thank you a million!




I started working with Teresa when I was in the midst of a job search that felt fruitless and intimidating, and she was an absolute lifesaver! Having been in school full-time for the last seven years consecutively, I felt overwhelmed when it came time to update my resume/cover letter and effectively prepare for interviews. In our first meeting, Teresa and I went through my resume, and she suggested small but impactful changes to both its formatting and content. In our subsequent meetings, she was able to guide me in brainstorming examples of past successes to use in cover letters and interviews, and how said examples could be utilized to highlight my strengths. Overall, Teresa was instrumental in not only increasing my confidence as I went through the job search process but also in me and the validity of my past professional and educational accomplishments. Ultimately with her help and expertise, I was able to land a job in my field that is a perfect fit! She is extremely kind and patient, and clearly has a passion for the work she does. I am so grateful for all of her help, and will absolutely seek her out with any future career coaching needs.
I would highly recommend Teresa and PathUp to anybody who is looking for a truly comprehensive, personalized, efficient (and fun!) career coaching experience. Thank you Teresa, you're the best!



Structural Engineering

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Teresa in Career Fulfillment. I had been in my current career for 7 years and was unsure if I wanted to switch out. I had two goals in mind, do I want to switch out of my career? And if so, which career would I want to do. I had a descent idea in mind of what I wanted to do but I wanted to be sure. I am very happy that I decided to go through with the program. It provided me with the sense of clarity and focus that I had wanted. She asked the important questions that I either was afraid to ask, or had no idea that they were important to ask. She helped sort through my thoughts to help land me with a sense of confidence and vision for what I wanted in the future. I have tools now for the rest of my career journey.




Working with Teresa these last few months has been life changing. I signed up for career coaching but got much more than just perspective on my career. I've been feeling uneasy for a decade because something didn't feel right in my career. I've had a few promotions and changes at work, thinking it would lead me closer to being fulfilled, but I still felt like something was missing. Finally I decided that I needed help. Teresa asked the right questions to help me assess what I truly wanted for my career and life. Her ability to see so much more than what's at the surface allowed me to be honest with myself about my goals. There is a lot of work involved in between our sessions but it has helped me reevaluate and analyze my career history and goals. I have a clear path forward, something I am actually excited about. Thank you, Teresa! I am thankful for your guidance, insight, and support along the way.



Data Analyst

I really can't recommend Teresa enough. I've basically been in the same career for most of my adult life and felt stuck. I wasn't sure which direction to go, and had lost hope that I'd ever figure out what career was right for me. After researching various career coaches, I came across Teresa and her Career Clarity program. Immediately following our initial consultation, I knew she was the right career coach for me. She is so incredibly insightful and patient. Her questions were very thought-provoking and helped me to learn so much about myself. And, most importantly, helped me determine a career path that's a much better fit for me. My only regret is that I didn't start working with Teresa sooner!



Director of Sales Enablement

Update 11/7/2020: Success! I just accepted an offer for a role that fit everything I was looking for next in my career journey with Teresa's support and coaching. Thanks Teresa!
Feeling my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be and after searching through the hundreds of career coaches, finding Teresa was exciting!  Her impressive experience and thoughtful approach were the perfect fit for the insight and guidance I needed.  She immediately knew my strategy needed an expert’s perspective and added tips to help me think differently.  As a frustrated job seeker, I felt she instilled the confidence needed to continue my career journey and implement the necessary shift in my approach.  Teresa combines industry knowledge with thought provoking questions and genuine empathy while still holding you accountable, which as a result leaves you feeling truly empowered.




I had been working in the hospitality industry my whole adult life when covid shut down my present workplace. I'd always known that I wanted to leave the industry and get myself into a career I really loved and felt fulfilled by. I found Teresa's program at the perfect time to really tackle this challenge.


Her program consists of 8 lessons with attached homework (writing, brainstorming, interviewing exercises) along with three meetings with Teresa as well (google meets for the sake of the pandemic). As someone who was very in touch with what my strengths and skills are, I was blown away to by Teresa's insights into areas that I thought I had a grasp on.


I had a long period of mental blockage where I really struggled to identify possible careers for me, even though I clearly knew the fields I was interested in. During this time, Teresa was extremely patient with me as we tried to uncover why I was feeling challenged. She even got on the phone with me outside of the sessions to talk through the problem with me.


The concepts and awareness I uncovered about myself and my future career paths were extremely enlightening and I know now exactly what I should be working on to head toward my future goals. Whether you are struggling or just need more guidance during a career change, I highly recommend going through Teresa's career counseling program. You definitely need to dedicate time and introspection to the process, but I think the results will be worth it.




I worked with Teresa on the Career Clarity Elite Package after twelve years with the same nonprofit organization. I'd found myself in a position at work where I was constantly being assigned new projects and responsibilities, and I never had a chance to stop and think about what I actually want to do versus what I feel like I should be doing. Teresa is a skilled coach who challenged me to listen to my own inner voice and move past the "shoulds" and fears, and she does it all with warmth and encouragement. She honestly provided more insight into myself and some of my thought patterns than I've received from some therapists in the past! I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is committed to finding a more satisfying career path and wants a skilled, knowledgeable, and kind guide on that journey.



Human Resources

I loved working with Teresa! We had five 1-on-1 coaching sessions and long story short, I landed the job that I wanted. I'm 15 years into my career and with my background, felt confident about my job search... until I started receiving interviews but no offers. I knew that I needed help. Immediately in our first appointment, Teresa gave insightful feedback about my interview responses. She is skilled at highlighting your strengths and accomplishments and shows you how to phrase your experiences in a modest yet confident way. She also builds up confidence in you so you're ready. Her ability to conduct mock interviews and show you how to convey your skills is truly top-notch. I can't recommend her enough and I have already shared her info with friends and family. If you're thinking you need job search help, I highly recommend Teresa!




I came to Teresa feeling lost in what I wanted to do with my career. I'm someone who wants to help people and I wasn't finding that in my current role. Teresa was insightful and asked the right questions to help me gain that clarity. Her homework assignments were also eye opening for me to really see my strengths and what I needed in a job. I thought our coaching sessions made a difference and have decided that I will need to plan for a larger career change. I know it's not easy from here, but I am excited that I will truly enjoy my career long-term. Thank you for the coaching Teresa.




Wow! I can't say enough great things about Teresa as a coach. I initially came to Teresa at PathUp because I was seeking clarity on my career direction. We discussed things that I didn't even know were important to me in my career. She helped me clarify my skills and values and most importantly, showed me how to translate that into a viable career. Teresa is encouraging and thoughtful, and incredibly passionate about the work she does. She can quickly assess your strengths and your deepest desires while remaining practical about your career. If you are wondering what you want to do with your career or just feeling confused, I wholeheartedly recommend you reach out to her. Put in the work and you will see the results!



Business Development

When I was starting my job search, I found myself overwhelmed by the vast array of job opportunities and unsure of what career path to pursue. That's when I turned to Teresa for guidance, and I can confidently say that she was an exceptional mentor throughout the entire process.


Teresa helped me identify my passions and interests, and translated them into actionable items that I could take into my job search. We didn't just evaluate job opportunities and try to fit me into a role, but instead, we worked together to define what I considered to be meaningful work, and then evaluated job opportunities accordingly.


Throughout our working relationship, Teresa was supportive, motivating, and incredibly helpful. I am grateful for her guidance and couldn't have navigated the job market without her. I highly recommend working with Teresa and encourage anyone seeking career guidance to give her a call!

lucas f.JPG


Software Engineering

Changing your career could be daunting and a scary task but Teresa's guidance helps make it such a rewarding journey. Teresa had a genuine interest in my personal goals. Her course helped guide me in the right direction and pinpoint what I truly wanted. Furthermore, her expertise allows her to see things that I wouldn't have been able to see myself. You can tell she truly loves helping people and can resonate with the feelings you go through. Teresa pushed me to really search for my ambitions, goals, and strengths. For me it was hard to define those. Although, teresa gives you different strategies and tasks to help you figure this out. After all the hard work and self-reflection, I was able to clearly identify my strengths, passions, and goals and help correlate that to a new career. Teresa was motivating and helped me recognize that our careers paths aren't always linear and have many ups and downs. The knowledge I gained about myself and career searching will be useful to me throughout my life. I was so happy to have someone who genuinely cared about my future. I would recommend anyone desiring a change in their career to the career fulfillment program.



Human Resources Analytics

Teresa is fantastic!  I was preparing for a couple of job interviews and was interested in working on my interview skills. I was extremely nervous about sharing my weaknesses when it came to interviewing but Teresa was very encouraging and helped put my nerves at ease. I ended up doing pretty well in both interviews I was prepping for. Great news, I was offered a promotion with my current job after doing well in the interview process and was offered substantially more (25k+) than what I had been so everything turned out better than I'd hope. I want to thank Teresa again for her help with my resume, interview prep and for just easing my nerves.

Rabbi photo.PNG


Human Resources

The Career for Me program helped me to really understand what I was looking for in a career that I wanted to pursue and to work towards. If I had to sum up my experience of this program in one word it would be "Eye-opening." I felt that as I progressed through each lesson, I was learning more and more about myself, about my strengths, passions, my fears, and even hidden self-limiting beliefs (learn about what this is in lesson 7!). I've learned to reframe how I think about myself, what my strengths and passions are (and even overcame many doubts and fears). I've gained so much more confidence to pursue the career that I believe is right for me. I no longer feel any doubt in my abilities and so excited for what's to come! Thank you Teresa for your guidance, coaching, for your thoughtfulness and flexibility! 

Avie Photo.jpg


Graphic Designer

Teresa is an exceptional career coach. Her lessons and workbooks were very helpful in narrowing down the exact career that was right for me. She's especially good at asking the right questions, and getting down to the core of what's holding you back from making the career switch. During our calls she would always ask deeper questions because she wanted me to really understand myself. She's always very quick to respond with any questions I had and is always very thoughtful in her responses. I loved her openness and excitement for helping others find their career. She genuinely wishes everybody finds the perfect career.




I cannot say enough good things about Teresa and all the support she provided me throughout the job search process. I came to Teresa after months of job searching with little progress. Teresa helped me rework my resume and build compelling cover letters for my job applications. After working with Teresa, I secured several interviews and eventually landed my dream job after only four sessions with her. She also helped me prep for interviews and gave me the tools and tips to be successful throughout the interview process. I can confidently say Teresa's work helped me stand out as a candidate, and her guidance is the reason I finally landed my dream job. You will not regret working with her!




I contacted Teresa when I wanted to change careers but I had no idea how. I'm glad I did, because she really helped me sharpen my focus and gave me the kick in the pants I needed to succeed. Her interview coaching was perfect and I ended up breezing through 5 interviews and getting a new job in exactly the field I wanted with a 50% bump in pay! Thanks Teresa!

Charlotte photo copy.jpg


UX Design

The Career Clarity program helped me find my new career in UX. Teresa's ability to analyze a situation and current circumstances to solve problems is uncanny. Her empathy radar is finely-tuned and will go out of her way to make sure you are happy with where you are in life. Her happiness comes from her passionate contribution to seeing others happy. She has such a strong desire to help people along their journey to reach their point of success that I felt compelled to give it my all as she has for me and I cannot thank her enough for her support in my journey. During my journey to a career change, she ensured I was on the track to what I defined as success. She asks tough questions in a judgement free environment where I can comfortably answer. Whether it is analyzing my relationships and defining what I currently want in life or finding ways to incorporate my passion into my career, she's been there to convert my hesitant thoughts to one of confidence. I have no doubt she will contribute her passionate efforts to anyone that is also considering a career change.




If you're looking for a career coach, I highly recommend Teresa at PathUp! Before working with Teresa, I had interviews but no offers. I would make it to the final round but would then get that rejection email. I knew I needed a career coach, so enter Teresa. I found her after some research and decided to work with her because of her website reviews. Our mock interviews were incredibly helpful and guided me to see my blind spots. Teresa taught me how to sell myself without coming off like I was bragging. She also helped me pick the right examples for the hard interview questions. I ended up landing two offers around the same time, one of which was at a dream tech company of mine! Thank you Teresa for your coaching! I couldn't have done it without you. Your insight has been truly invaluable and I feel confident that I have the knowledge for my future job searches. If you're looking for a career coach, don't hesitate to work with Teresa!

nikki h.JPG


Client Services

Teresa's course was extremely helpful! Between the thought provoking guided lessons and the one-on-one career insight meetings I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted in a career. By the end of the course I felt more confident about my strengths and ready to go out and pursue my passions! Thanks, Teresa!



Community Management

Going into it I didn't know what to expect from a career counselor but I knew that I needed guidance and re-alignment on my career goals. Right from the beginning I immediately loved the format of the program with the workbooks to fill out as well as the online meeting sessions. I think it's worth having the online portion as well as the 3 sessions with Teresa, she's excellent at asking the right questions about my responses in the online portion and loves to dive into my answers to help me realize how that could be hindering my career growth and how to adjust for the better! She helped me learn a lot about myself that I think is worth getting a professional opinion on. Overall, I wanted to not only find guidance on what my next steps should be for my career but also someone to keep me accountable in this journey. She really helped me move back to the driver's seat of my career and life and helped me lay out a plan to pursue. She's also very candid and nice, I felt very comfortable sharing personal thoughts and feelings about how I was feeling about my current work experience and what I wanted to change. I'd recommend!




If you’re feeling at all uncertain or under-prepared during your job search, I can’t recommend Teresa’s services more. After I lost my job, I struggled to find a new position for over a year - despite having years of professional experience. Received countless rejections without even an interview. I was really floundering and had no idea what I was even doing wrong.
When I found PathUp, I was primarily hoping to get feedback on my resume. What Teresa offered was a lot more comprehensive: advice on how to structure a job search, how to make connections, and how to prepare for interviews when I finally started getting a second look. Even with just three sessions, I felt vastly better equipped to find a job. Also happy to report that I’ve already received an offer! Definitely worth your time.



Executive Assistant

Teresa's insights, guidance and overall demeanor were truly remarkable. When someone changes your life so drastically in the scope of only 5 sessions it's hard to encapsulate it into words. She is wonderful and truly worth your while!!!! Could not recommend enough!!



Radio Producer

I opted for 1:1 coaching with Teresa for help with resume and cover letter writing. She is incredibly thoughtful and helped hold me accountable to my goals. Applying to jobs is overwhelming, but Teresa helped me build confidence with personalized critiques and clear best practices. Teresa is generous and sincere in her desire to help her clients overcome whatever blocks are in their way. Her career expertise is invaluable, but what makes her stand apart is that she has a big heart and is genuinely invested in seeing you succeed.




Teresa is a superstar! I had a last minute interview scheduled and needed some prep/guidance from PathUp. Not only did she book me while on vacation, since my interview was super last minute, but this career angel gave me clear direction on what worked and didn't work during our mock interview. Happy to announce that I got the job! I will definitely recommend this company to everyone needing interview support and the other great services they offer.

Elan photo.PNG


Business Analytics

Teresa gave great guidance on helping me discover my strengths. Her program to find a new career path is extremely thought-provoking and helps lead you down a journey of self-discovery. Through her lessons, I became more in tune with what I'd like out of a career and what motivates me at work.  She also provides anecdotes of her own experience as well, which I found valuable when trying to draw on examples from my own life.


Working through the lessons and going over them with Teresa made me feel more accountable towards my career discovery and helped me gain a better appreciation for my strengths and how I can utilize them in a career.



Technical Program Management

Even though this is a belated review, I had to share my experience working with Teresa because it was honestly life-changing! I began working with Teresa back in December 2018 when I was at a real low point in my career. I had graduated college and had aimlessly wandered from ad sales into analytics but neither profession was bringing me any joy. I felt unfulfilled but at an utter loss as to what I should do to move forward. In the following 4 months with Teresa, I learned more and more about my innate strengths and passions and I began to constructively think about how I could combine them into my career. At the end of the program, I was still indecisive about what exact profession I wanted to pursue. I took this opportunity to schedule a private appointment with Teresa and in our one-hour session, we deconstructed the fears that were preventing me from chasing my true passion. After I finished "Career Clarity", I began pursuing an internal transfer within my company to program management. A year later, my efforts were rewarded and I was able to successfully complete the transition into a Technical Program Management role. I am finally in a career that combines my innate organizational skills with my passion for facilitation. It was quite the journey but I am so thankful for Teresa because, without her, I would be continuing aimlessly down a career that wasn't aligned with my natural strengths and values. Teresa literally changed my life which is why I'd recommend everyone to take her program if you don't feel 100% satisfied in their current role.




I have to really thank Teresa and the Career Clarity program for helping me find my career path in Dietetics. I had been working in sales for a long while but I was very unhappy. My problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do. I only knew that my sales career did not fulfill my need to help others. The Career Clarity program helped me realize what I was innately great at and what I was passionate about. The career tools and assessments were thought-provoking and insightful. I was asked questions (about the things I did and the way I think) that I never thought of before. The coaching exercises changed the way I looked at how I should view my career. In the end, I feel like I know myself better and I know for certain that I want to be in Dietetics. I am now going back to school to get my master's degree and I couldn't be happier. It is a long road from here, but I feel confident to make my career change. Thank you Teresa for your coaching and guidance and thank you for this program!



Implementation Specialist

Teresa is absolutely amazing! I could not recommend her enough. I signed up for the PathUp Career Clarity program and so thankful I did. I had recently started a new career and was lacking confidence in my ability to bring anything valuable to my team. Teresa's workbook program and 1:1 sessions shifted my perspective and helped me work through my saboteur thoughts. She shared a perspective I hadn't considered and encouraged me to take new initiatives in areas I was reluctant to. After working on these initiatives I gained confidence in my value and impact I have contributed to my team. Not only have I gained more confidence professionally but also personally. I am extremely grateful for my work with Teresa!




Incredible! As others here have mentioned, she shared such valuable insights and perspectives with me. She said something that has really stuck with me in that "we own our careers," and in an age when it is more important than ever to speak up for what we want and own our seat at the table - Teresa, with her intuitive career senses, hit exactly on those points for me. I've been feeling a bit discouraged at work, and she gave me a new lens as well as a strategy to help push my growth. She gave me such valuable pointers that I could action right away in my 1:1 with my manager with the lens of looking to my next promotion. I can't wait for our future discussions together. If anyone came to me for a recommendation on someone to help build a resume and get more strategy around career development and growth - I couldn't think of a better person than Teresa and PathUp Career Coaching.




I am so happy to have been able to take Teresa's program. I was having a hard time finding a place for myself where I felt I would make a difference. Teresa really gave me the push in the right direction and thanks to her, I am now striving and getting my PharmD degree. If you are hesitant about needing a life coach, please do yourself a favor and reach out to her. Sometimes in life, all we need is a little push.

To add, Teresa's honesty and empathy are what sets her apart from the field. No matter how I struggled, she remained understanding, patient, and compassionate. She took it upon herself to make sure that I succeeded in the journey I had chosen for myself and she saw it through that I made the appropriate steps. Her advice was concise and thorough and never felt complex or too difficult to understand.

She is not afraid to push and ask pressing questions, yielding yourself to question and think things through. I whole-heartedly believe she has a passion for making a difference. I would recommend her to anyone especially those my age, to seek her counsel as she has a way with pushing you toward a life-fulfilling career.



UX Design

I recently had the pleasure of working with Teresa and could not recommend her services more. I signed up for the Career Clarity program and found her one on one sessions and coursework very valuable. Teresa is easy to work with, insightful, and knows how to get you to dig a little deeper to help you understand what it is you're looking for. She also helped me put together a plan to ensure that I carry out the goals we set during the program. If you're searching for some help on what to do next with your career, this is the place.



Footwear Design

Doing some research on career counseling, I came across Teresa and her team over at PathUp. I am SO happy with my choice, deciding to go with Teresa over the other listed counselors ensued in amazing results. Teresa is very soft-spoken, patient, and open-minded. Most importantly, she is very informative on the data that will help you succeed in better standing out when applying for jobs. She was able to accommodate all of my needs and then some. Overall the experience was both enjoyable and satisfying. I would highly recommend if anyone needs any assistance with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, or any other facet of the interviewing process to reach out to Teresa and her team.




Teresa has really helped me focus my career path and re-define what a career looks like for me. In addition to learning tools for a stronger approach to job searching, she helped me to define the relationship between "work" and "life" and address assumptions and values I was holding on to that were not my own. I recommend Teresa to all my friends and family and to anyone who is even slightly unsure of their path forward in life. I only wish I had been able to work with Teresa earlier in my career journey.




This is a long overdue review for Teresa. In short, yes, absolutely, if you're feeling burned out, confused, and unhappy about your job, please talk to her! I found Teresa randomly from an event on Yelp and I am glad I did. Teresa's Career Clarity Course helped me do some soul searching and gave me areas to look into to figure out where my strengths, passions, and job priorities were. Finishing her course gave me a sense of direction and confidence for the next steps to take to find a fulfilling career. Pivoting into a new but related role was a difficult task given the recent competitive job market and I got rejected a bunch of times at various stages, but I was on a mission to make sure I did not end up in a similar role as my last job and insisted on it after completing Teresa's program. It took 4 months for me to recover mentally and to find my current job but I am pleased to say I ended up at an excellent company with the exact role I was going for after some patience, perseverance, and luck. I've been at this new job for over a month now and I am very happy and I actually wake up looking forward to work! This rarely happened in the last 8 years.

In addition to finding out a career direction, I also found out from the program that one of my passions was "creating and sharing experiences together". I have since used that discovery to encourage myself to start various social groups centered around my hobbies and have made new friends from it. I shared a story about creating experiences during my job interview and it played a part in my getting hired because the joy from following my passions really showed. I demonstrated the best parts of my personality and it just so happened to align with the company's cultural values.

Teresa's program is life changing and it improved my life both personally and professionally. I am amazed at how insightful and intuitive she is. I really think she's found her tailor-made career for herself because career coaching is what she's meant to do. I am sure Teresa can help you, too!



Creative Director

Teresa is a beautiful soul who's full of kindness and empathy. In life, everybody's got stuff they need to work through. Teresa helped me dig deeper to discover the roots of my discontent. It was at this moment, eyes welled up with tears, I was able to see the bigger picture. This helped me come to grips with my true wants and needs, which ultimately helped me gain career clarity. I will always have a special place in my heart for Teresa.



Creative Director

Teresa is a beautiful soul who's full of kindness and empathy. In life, everybody's got stuff they need to work through. Teresa helped me dig deeper to discover the roots of my discontent. It was at this moment, eyes welled up with tears, I was able to see the bigger picture. This helped me come to grips with my true wants and needs, which ultimately helped me gain career clarity. I will always have a special place in my heart for Teresa.

pic mike.JPG


Graphic Design

Working with Teresa at PathUp was such a pleasant experience! I needed a last-minute 1:1 coaching session for a phone interview for this senior graphic designer position and she made herself available to help coach me. We did a mock interview on the phone and I struggled for a while trying to answer questions effectively. By the end of it, I felt really comfortable and she helped guide me in the right direction. I had my actual phone interview a few days later, so I practiced in a few places where I needed the work. I ended up nailing the phone interview and moved onto the final round. If it wasn't for Teresa I know I would have never passed the phone interview with flying colors. She gave me the confidence to talk about myself in the right way, what type of stories to tell, and the right way to tell them.



TV Writer

Teresa is an excellent coach, person, and mentor. I am pretty naive to the whole recruitment process, and she was able to handhold me not only through my end of the bargain, but also give me insight into how others see me. She was supportive, kind, guiding, and instructive. I was very impressed with her focus, clarity, and professional candor. Anyone looking for an edge, a fine tuning, or a complete overhaul would be well-served to utilize her terrific services. Huge recommend.



 Vendor Management

I would recommend PathUp to anyone trying to figure out a new career path for themselves. From helping me figure out what my skills and interests are to preparing me for the upcoming job search, I found Teresa's advice and guidance incredibly helpful. I feel much more confident about finding the right job for me after working with Teresa!



People Operations

Looking to make a transition in my career I reached out to Teresa for some pointers on how to successfully navigate a pivot! Interacting with Teresa has been pleasurable - she is prompt, personable, and prepared! Teresa is very knowledgeable & although she had a tentative strategy in place (she does her homework ;-)) she is very keen on listening to the needs/experience of her client. She opts to ask those thought provoking questions that help lead you vs pushing a 'one size fits all' solution into action and makes the necessary adjustments. This sets her apart from the pack!



People Operations

I worked with Teresa during a major career transition. I left a job of over 6 years. I was burnt out, lost, scared, and unsure of what to do next. She helped me find dig deep into my own strengths. She is incredibly kind, compassionate, intelligent and a great coach!




Teresa’s career clarity and job search program was immensely helpful in illuminating the career skills, values, and overarching frameworks that were crucial to success in my job search––and more broadly in my life. Teresa’s thoughtful and probing questions not only uncovered blockers, but also empowered me to identify the values central to performing engaging, fulfilling, and impactful work. In particular, Teresa’s program provided helpful weekly exercises to reinforce and expand upon core concepts discussed in lessons, helping me explore my interests and passions while gaining clarity on the career I wanted. Beyond lessons and activities, Teresa’s sessions were highly flexible and tailored specifically to the challenges I was confronting in a given week. During our sessions, Teresa provided interview preparation, career pointers, and helped me uncover core values and frameworks crucial to gaining career clarity. After each session, Teresa would send a Google form with options to provide feedback—a testament to her willingness to listen and respond to feedback. Teresa’s commitment to iteratively improving and hearing feedback after each session reflects her commitment to the success of her clients. Overall, Teresa is an highly empathetic, thoughtful, and caring career coach who is committed to helping individuals reach and even exceed their full potential. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for greater career clarity and guidance with their job search.




Absolutely amazing! All the help Teresa gave me--resume, interviewing, negotiation--helped me land a new job! I was in a very unhappy position, but hadn't written a resume in 15 years. I desperately needed Teresa's help. She's personal, supportive, responsive, and doesn't find any question foolish. The tools I was provided were exactly what I needed. I would NOT have this new position if not for Teresa's assistance! I cannot recommend her any higher.



Technical Analyst

Incredibly impressed with PathUp! When I started, I had a vague idea of what careers I wanted to pursue, but Teresa was able to not only provide me with the means to pinpoint exactly what profession I was truly passionate about, but also acted as a source of thoughtful feedback and guidance as I learned more about myself and my relevant strengths. 

I completed the Career Clarity, Career Fulfillment, and Job Search programs, as I wanted to utilize all of the resources available from PathUp. I say with all certainty that was the right decision! When I neared the end of the job search program and put everything I learned to use, I ended up receiving four responses from companies within two weeks SO FAR! All of which I was excited to work for, and all of which were a large professional step up! This wouldn't have been possible with Teresa and her PathUp program, I simply can't recommend it enough!




This review is long overdue. Let me just say that if you're unhappy in your role and looking for a new job, please work with Teresa as your coach. She is the most knowledgeable, supportive, and intuitive coach I have worked with (and I have worked with other career and life coaches in the past).

I was looking for career counseling or life coaching because I was really lost in my life. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing at my job but I also didn't know what was next. Even if I knew, I needed help with my resume and cover letter as well as the interview process. I found Teresa on Yelp. After speaking to a few career coaches, I decided to go with Teresa because of her background and her specialty with helping people figure out what they want and then helping them actually land those jobs.

I went through her career coaching program to determine what path was best for me. Let me tell you - I thought I knew a lot about what I wanted, what I was good at, what I was passionate about, and what I needed in a job - but I learned so much more about myself in the first couple weeks. We then took this newly discovered information and started analyzing it to figure out the best career paths for me. Her program provided me with the resources, charts, coaching exercises and assessments to figure out my path. During week 1 of working together, I wasn't able to see exactly how I would figure out my path, but Teresa advised me to really trust the process and it may take a couple of weeks to figure out. By week 4, I saw very clearly what I wanted and then we moved into the phase of actually choosing 1 career path. At week 6, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We then worked on tackling the hurdles and thoughts that prevented me from transitioning to a new job. I am so thankful to have found Teresa for career counseling because I would not have been able to figure it out on my own.



Program Management

I had been thinking about career coaching for a little while, but was hesitant to take the plunge until recently. I came across Teresa's profile and thought I'd finally schedule time with a professional to 1) review my resume; 2) offer feedback about my LinkedIn; and 3) identify tangible next steps in my career search.

Teresa delivered.

She is organized, thoughtful, and easy to communicate with. As someone looking to make a career change, I was in desperate need of coach who could help me sift through and clearly articulate what I was looking for in my next opportunity. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a coach who is willing to patiently guide you down the best path for you. Thanks for all your support, Teresa!




My experience working with Teresa was amazing! I recently immigrated from Japan due to marriage, and I needed help to figure out my new career in the U.S. Before working with Teresa, I felt very insecure and scared about building my career in the U.S. However, her coaching sessions helped me have confidence again. She asked the important questions that I was either afraid to ask or had no idea they were important. Her questions helped me to figure out what I want for my career. She also helped me put together a future plan to carry out the goal we set during the program. I highly recommend her service! Thank you, Teresa, for your help!!



HR Business Partner

In my two sessions with Teresa, she was able to help me to reframe the career questions I had through appreciative inquiry and strong listening skills. We were able to work together to unpack some deeper questions I needed to think through and discuss tangible next steps to continue the momentum. I'd recommend Teresa to others if they needed a thought partner for their career or development.




I recently hired Teresa to work with my daughter, who had just completed her Masters degree. Teresa coached her thru her job search, rebuilt her resume, prepared her for interview questions, built up her confidence and most importantly, really helped her focus on her goals and aspirations for what her new role would and should look like. Within a few short weeks, my daughter was attending interviews and has now landed her dream role. If you are looking for someone who is a great listener, coach, mentor and a professional who is proactive to get things done, then Teresa is the person you want to connect with. Teresa, thank you for being awesome!




I cannot say enough good things about Teresa. I was applying to internship roles and getting interviews but not closing with any offers. I had applied to over 200 places - 137 with cover letters. My interview skills needed some work. At this point, I was feeling pretty stuck in my internship search. 

I had two sessions and felt energized to keep on applying and doing my best in the next interview. In each session, I knew what to expect and liked that we wrote notes throughout the session. Teresa gave me plenty of feedback. I walked away with stories that I did not know that I had. In the end, I got the role and industry that I wanted to be in.

Thanks Teresa!

Maria Pacheco Photo.JPG



Teresa is not only an excellent career coach, but she is also a wonderful, kind, and honest person. I consider myself lucky to have come across her website. I always looked forward to our sessions. Teresa was patient, knowledgeable, and to the point. She is focused and determined to help me achieve my goals in each session. 


Teresa helped me create an outstanding resume, showed me efficient ways to write cover letters, and we even practiced mock interviews.


I feel confident every time I go in for a job interview. I've received many offers and I'm still interviewing to see all of my options. I couldn't be happier with the results. 


Thank you Teresa!



Sales Operations

​I can’t write enough great things about choosing to go with Teresa Lee for my career coaching needs. From start to finish, Teresa was not only professional, flexible, honest, but extremely helpful with her targeted approach. Our initial discussion on my job hunt led me to redesign how I was approaching my interview preparation. But by far the most effective tool she gave me was interview practice. Her pointed questions that were specific to the jobs I was interviewing for allowed me to organize my thoughts and response clearly. I not only gained confidence in how I would answer interview questions, but I also gained insight into what was the interviewer’s motive behind asking each question.

I can’t be happier with the assurance I now feel when in an interview – all thanks to Teresa!



Software Engineering

I have been working with Teresa/Pathup for the last 2-3 months as part of the Career Clarity Program. I was on a quest to identify my true passion/purpose in life. Career coaches can be a real catalyst truly helping you understand yourself, your choices, and where your fulfillment lies, a genuine one can be hard to find. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning not knowing what to expect but Teresa put me at ease right from our first session. The questions she asked during our 1-1 sessions were deep-hitting and really made me think hard and reflect on the path I was choosing. She has a gift to really get these tough answers out of you and really push you to think about your career from a new perspective. I could see the possibilities of change in a new light. She can read between your words and really brings clarity about your own personalized definition of success. Each of the 1-1 sessions with her was eye-opening and helped me truly acknowledge my true passion and purpose in life. We do not know what the future holds for us, which is why it becomes all that important to put in the effort to understand yourself & what you really want in life. Her exercises taught me to visualize my life a couple of years down the line, continuing the path I am. I was able to put my goals down into small actionable steps. The outcome of this program may lead you into taking a linear or non-linear transformation path in your career but with a better understanding of the 'why' of your decision and if you can fully commit to the change. I would highly recommend Teresa for any career clarity/fulfillment coaching or job search needs!



Private Equity

I signed up for PathUp life coaching on a Friday while feeling drained from chaotic life. One can say that this was an impulse decision looking for a quick solution. After my first session, I realized that yes, it was an impulse decision, but that it was the best one I have ever made. I learned more about myself in a few sessions than I have learned in the past four years as an independent adult. The life coaching sessions awakened and sparked my desire to align my time with my values. My next step is to embark on the career exploration journey. Thank you!!



Policy & Risk Management

​After participating in PathUp’s Job Search Strategy program, I highly recommend Teresa as a knowledgeable, insightful, and empathetic career coach. From our initial consultation and throughout the 3-session program, she listened attentively and empathetically, and asked follow-up questions in order to gain a thorough understanding of my background and current situation. From there, she was able to identify specific areas of my job search that she thought could use improvement, and focused our work on those areas to make the best use of our working sessions. In addition to her strategic recommendations, she also provided detailed reference materials for further reading and use in updating my resume, cover letter, and job search strategy. I most appreciated that Teresa framed all of her recommendations and strategies in the context of my individual situation, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. After working with Teresa, I’ve gained a completely new lens for how I approach my resume and job application strategy, and feel much more confident about how I’m presenting myself to potential employers.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 1.14.17 PM.png


Senior Data Analyst

​I am currently at a mid-level analyst role in the health tech space and trying to figure out the next step in my career. Teresa was very perceptive and skilled at sorting through my worries and frustrations to help me realize what I truly wanted to do but was too afraid of pursue.


She also helped me set up a realistic plan to start working towards my goals. I recommend anyone feeling lost in their careers to work with Teresa!




​Sometimes life gets you stuck in crossroads! You know what you want to do but you need that external force to tell you to make the correct choice and push in the right direction. Teresa’s career clarity program reassured me to choose the right path when I wasn’t confident about the career decision I was about to make. The process helped me weigh my pros and cons, nudged me to pursue what I really need from my career, and most importantly gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone for a better quality of life!




​I though Teresa was very helpful in career coaching.
- You should build experience towards a role change
- You should look within your company first
- You don't need to fill 100% of the job description



Culinary Arts

​I was a little hesitant to try coaching at first  but as soon as I met Teresa all my anxieties were put to ease and I am so glad I took the plunge. Under Teresa's guidance I was able to switch my careers and got the support that I very much needed. I had no real plans or how to put my dreams into action but under her caring and informed approach I was able to realize my goals and  put them into action. Teresa provided me with the tools, knowledge and strategies I needed to make the change. I would highly recommend PathUp and Teresa to anyone who feels like they are stuck and need some help.



Restaurant Business

​PathUp is a game-changer! Their career coaching program provided me with invaluable skills in the months I worked with them. If you're looking to elevate your career, this is the place. 5 stars!

Tiffany photo.PNG


Yale Student / Biomed Engineer

I was a client of Teresa's this past year. I am currently a college student and really wanted help in the job/internship search process. I didn't have much experience with resumes, interviews, and all things in between and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, a family friend referred me to Teresa and she has been extremely helpful in the process.


Teresa is an encouraging mentor who does not just praise you when you do well, she is not afraid to tell you when you are NOT doing well. I remember when I was practicing interviews, she would give it to me straight: if I answered a question well, she said that. If I didn't, she would also tell me and let me know.


One of the things I love about Teresa is that she is so easy to talk to. From day 1, we were chatting and having normal conversation and it was definitely not awkward. She is extremely personable, making the process that much more valuable -- she is not just a coach, but a mentor and friend.


If you are looking for someone who is GENUINE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and PASSIONATE about helping you reach YOUR BEST POTENTIAL, I would definitely contact Teresa.



Asset Management

​I was searching for a new career and Teresa helped me tremendously with interview tactics, such as listening carefully to what the interviewer is asking me, and helping me understand what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Teresa also worked with me to organize my thoughts so I could carry specific points across to the recruiter.  She was great at identifying my strengths and weaknesses in how I interview, and provided guidance on how to present myself confidently.


One memorable incident was when Teresa asked me to think carefully about the 3 adjectives that I would use to describe myself.  She identified that it's an opportunity to showcase my strengths into the qualities the recruiter is looking for in the candidate. Although this might be a simple question many people can answer, Teresa stressed the importance of being able to support the adjectives with examples and evidence. Her guidance was incredibly helpful and allowed me to move forward with interviews.



Web Development

Update: I worked with Teresa to find my strengths and see how I can leverage them in a new career. I was finding a hard time figuring out what my next steps should be and wanted my career transition to be done intentionally and thoughtfully. I decided to go through Teresa's program since I worked with her before and she was able to help me narrow down my interests and what my innate strengths were. Our weekly calls were always productive and she always asked me thought-provoking questions about myself that I never thought about before. After her program, I felt more confident in what direction I wanted to go in for my career and she was able to guide me on what my next steps should be. Teresa is an invaluable resource & I highly recommend her!

If you need someone to push you to your full potential, Teresa is your girl.

When I was fresh out of college and trying to find my first full time job, it was so hard for me to get started. I knew what I needed to do but the thought of all the cover letters I had to write, all the resumes I had to send out, and all the interviews I had to do just made me feel stuck and I didn’t know how to get started. I confided in Teresa and within the week, she literally sat me down, put a laptop in front of me, and coached me to apply to over 30 jobs that night. THIRTY JOBS! In one night!


I was not excited (to say the least) to start this process but it really helped me see that if I wanted something, I had to put in the effort and time. Tough love, but I definitely needed it! Within a month, I got my first full-time job & couldn’t have done it without her. Teresa will go above and beyond to help you & won’t stop until you reach your goals.



Technical Program Manager

Teresa was an immense help! She helped me prepare for a Technical AM role at one of the FAANG companies. Teresa helped me refine and hone in on my behavioral interview skills to allow me to better tell my career story. I felt extremely confident walking into the grueling interview rounds. She also helped me clean up my resume template. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking to break through in tech, and really tailor their interview skills to the style that FAANG hiring managers are looking for. Thanks Teresa!




I 100% recommend PathUp! Teresa is the real deal. Long story short, working with Teresa was a life-changing experience and I would HIGHLY recommend her if you're looking for coaching. If you decide to work with her, buckle up and get ready for change! I had spent a decade in a successful career yet felt something was missing. I was ready to put in the work and make the change to find a path that deeply motivated me to do my best work. Teresa is a remarkable and intuitive coach who cuts through the noise, challenges you to grow, and inspires you to think bigger. What I want is clear and now I have a plan to go get it. She provides resources and exercises that are crucial for you to not only dig way deeper for more clarity but also decide and take action. She has also helped me shift my perspective to focus on the most important things in my career and life. It has been 5 months since working with Teresa and I have made a career change at a new company that aligns with my strengths, passions, and values. If you're thinking about working with a coach, don't hesitate to go with Teresa!



Client Services

Teresa was so amazing in helping me find my next career path! I enjoyed every session with her and it brought out my strengths and passions. The exercises given helped me realize my potential and gave me confidence to search for the best career possible. She is so kind and empathetic, I would recommend her to anyone!




I signed up for the Career Clarity Program and found it to be really helpful. I've only worked at one place for 18 years so I was totally in the dark as to my options or even what I wanted. This program (unlike others I've tried) actually makes you think about your life and experiences instead of "Just do informational interviews" only. The program is well thought out and the support you get from Teresa is amazing. I highly recommend this program if you are lost like I was!




I had a great experience working with Teresa at PathUp. I was in-between Teresa and a few other people but most plans I found were long term and over my budget. What I liked about Teresa was she was able to work with me and create a plan that fit my budget and my goals. We went with the career clarity plan which included 3 sessions with access to the program for 3 months. Teresa was able to help me with my mindset during this time with her unique techniques. I didn't fully complete the worksheets but with my video sessions, I was able to find some clarity in finding my career choices and clear out any doubts I had. Although I didn't get the whole experience as her normal programs would've given me I'm still happy Teresa was able to work with what I had and gave me some clarity. I'm thankful for her flexibility and compassion for my personal goals. I would highly recommend it if you've had doubts and confusion about your career path and need guidance!




Teresa is kind, empathetic and listens to your goals and situation. She was great to work with and talented at what she does as a coach. I would highly recommend her and PathUp!



Director of Marketing

I always love my coaching sessions with Teresa. She has such a great energy about her that makes me feel calm and safe to be open and vulnerable. She is also so intuitive - I feel like she knows the exact questions to ask to get to the core of what is in my way. My last session with her was particularly helpful. I was really struggling with taking action and she helped me see that small steps don't have to be scary. I appreciate everything Teresa offers in our sessions, and I'd highly recommend anyone to see her if there is something stopping you from meeting your goals and living your best life!



Senior Director

Teresa was so incredibly helpful! She guided me through making a big decision between two job offers, using a combination of life- and career-coaching that provided the clarity I needed to make my tough choice! Highly recommended!!!!!



Data Science

I reached out to Teresa because I wasn’t happy in my current career and wanted to learn about my skills and strengths and figure out what career path/s would be best for me.
During my consultation call with Teresa she recommended the “Career Fulfillment Program” which comprised of “Career Clarity Program” and 5 1:1 sessions with her.
The Career Clarity program literally gave me a lot of clarity; about my skills, strengths, things I didn’t like, my fears, how to overcome the fear etc. And the 1:1 sessions were more like a deep dive into a particular topic that I wanted to discuss or needed clarity on. Teresa is a great coach, she is very easy to talk to and extremely professional to work with, and is genuinely working towards helping people achieve their goals.




Teresa is an excellent, thorough and thoughtful career coach who I recommend to anyone who is considering switching careers or roles! I worked through her career fulfillment program and have had several one on one sessions with Teresa where we have discussed where my career search should focus and granular items such as resume review and job search strategy. Teresa is empathetic and highly skilled in identifying strengths in the job search process. She is very flexible with her time and is thorough in identifying blind spot areas that you may not think of during the process. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a career change or anyone who needs a sounding board!



Project Management

I've been working with Teresa for about a year now and she has been an excellent career coach and mentor who has guided me on career advancement, resume building, and LinkedIn updates. Our sessions are productive, and I always walk away with new tools, knowledge and challenges I can apply to my current role as well as steps I can take to further my career. She goes out of her way to make time for her clients, and I appreciate her timely responses whenever I have questions. I plan on working with Teresa long term to help navigate me through industry changes and future opportunities. I highly recommend PathUp if you are looking for a Career Coach who can help you build your confidence and / or if you need career advice in your job search or career advancement opportunities.



Human Resources

I signed up for PathUp's Career Fulfillment Program. You will 100% get a return on your investment. There is SO MUCH value packed into this course. Every 1 on 1 session I had with Teresa was fulfilling and meaningful. We went DEEP into my past, present, and future. It's true therapy. I felt like I was moving the needle in determining my life/career at the end of every workbook session and 1 on 1. I was a lost soul before all of this and by the end of the course, I was able to determine my path in life. 10/10 recommend!




Thank you so much for everything that you do and for all the great material. It's been an absolute transformation for me. Thanks Teresa.




Teresa is hyper-organized, empathetic, and not afraid to ask tough questions that allow you to get to the root of why you need a change. From there, she keeps you accountable as you build your plan to implement that very necessary change. I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend the online course and sessions. The course is like personal training at the gym --you have to come prepared to work, and Teresa's guidance will help ensure that you optimize your results.




Teresa is an excellent coach! She has a deep intuitive sense of what's going on and hears what's being unsaid. I came to Teresa for more clarity on the direction of my career. She is approachable, empathetic, and knows how to ask the right questions to help me draw my own conclusions. I felt safe and seen with Teresa and most importantly, gained insight and a concrete action plan to approach situations at work and in my career. I highly recommend anyone who is unsure about their career or looking for strategies to handle work situations reach out to Teresa. She truly wants the best for you and is not afraid to nudge you to make a change in your life. Thanks Teresa!



Technical Analyst

Throughout the coaching sessions, Teresa demonstrated exceptional expertise in various areas, from resume optimization and interview preparation to career planning and personal branding. Her insights were always insightful and practical, grounded in real-world experiences and up-to-date industry knowledge. She is a very genuine person.




Thank you PathUp for working with me and helping me hone in on a career that would make me happy. I started Fire Academy about 5 weeks ago and have been loving it so far. I'm learning a lot and enjoying being around people that have similar interests as me. I learned a lot about how I've been holding myself back when looking to pursue a career and am learning how to re-direct my negative thoughts into something positive. I'm excited for this next step in my life/career and couldn't be more excited with my decision to become a firefighter.




Teresa offered invaluable career prep expertise. Tailored guidance and resources to enhance resume. Result-driven strategies and meticulous attention to detail. Boosted my confidence and marketability. Highly recommend for anyone seeking career search prep expertise.




I prepped for my interviews with Teresa which was helpful. Teresa provided resources and worked me with me to craft my responses. I ended up getting the job



Music Production

The course was great, and it provided me a lot of clarity about where I should go next! After taking the course, I decided it was time to go back to school! And I'm really grateful that I know what I'm doing and why. Thank you, Teresa, for the very helpful guidance. :)




My experience with PathUp was truly enriching. Teresa's unwavering support and expert guidance empowered me to find clarity and direction in my professional journey. Thank you PathUp!




Teresa was an excellent mentor in creating a great career profile. I took 6 meeting pack, and with it, went over cover letters, resumes, and general career tips in terms of finding a job, and how to make myself stand out more. I feel a lot better with my cover letter and resume because of her help



Project Management

Working with Teresa has been eye-opening and results-oriented to say the least. She's efficient, knowledgeable, and great at what she does. Teresa listens to you, identifies the gap, and provides you with the resources to close that gap in your career/job search. If you're looking to change jobs or advance in your career, I highly recommend working with Teresa.



Music Production

I really appreciated the career course. The course gave me that extra boost to keep myself focused on my future. I went to school for music production and songwriting, right before covid hit, and I graduated, but due to the times.. There wasn't much going on.. Now I have been able to put my best foot forward and keep it in the doors that used to be closed. I feel more excited than ever, and am looking forward to my future as a working songwriter. Thanks again to Teresa!




It was really nice working with Teresa. She helped me with my resume and provided great insights on how to make it stand out and picked up by the recruiters. She was able to meet all my needs and made time on the weekend to help me with my job application. Her services are very tailored to one’s needs and that’s what I was looking for. I highly recommend working with her.




Teresa was extremely helpful throughout the career coaching process! I was apprehensive at first about not being the right fit for this type of counseling; as a current graduate student I thought that the advice might not resonate with me. This ended up not mattering- Teresa is great at meeting clients where they are and adapted her approach to suit my needs. She continuously checked in to make sure that I was feeling good about the work that we were doing together, and proactively responded when I voiced any concerns. Rather than feeling like all of my problems have been solved, I feel like Teresa has pointed me in the right direction and given me the tools to figure problems out in the future. Thank you so much Teresa!




Teresa helped me so much during my experience with PathUp! I walked into a few interviews with so much more confidence and feeling more prepared. I have not had any non retail interviews and when I got my first non retail interview with Teresa's help I was able to nail the interview!



Software Engineering

I got coaching from Theresa. She's thoughtful, energetic, and an expert in observing patterns and behaviors and in providing coaching/guidance in how to improve areas that need attention. Before coaching, I was thinking maybe books/videos can also do the job, but getting personalized guidance from a highly qualified coach made the difference. Thank you, Theresa!



Science Education

I highly recommend working with PathUp if you're currently going through a career transition and/or need help with crafting a strong, compelling CV or resume. Her thoughtful questions and feedback during our coaching sessions gave me confidence that I was making the best career decision for me. Thank you, Teresa!



Business Owner

Working with Teresa was great! She helped me organize my work, set achievable goals and overall, I'm in a much clearer place. I absolutely recommend her services - she's kind, intuitive and practical.




Thank you. I had my doubts because I thought it was designed for naive people in their 20s. You exceeded my expectations, and it's well worth the price. I also think the sessions with you are crucial.



Project Management

Accepted an offer for a 32-hour work week job (no work Fridays) for $$$. I gave my notice on Monday of this week. Feeling good that at least I am making the change I said I would :). On to making the most of Fridays. 



Nuclear Engineering

PathUp caters the program to each client's goals and efficiently uses session time. Teresa did an excellent job with helping me determine which career paths are most suitable for me.




Thank you Teresa! I really appreciate your help along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!



Environmental Policy

I started with PathUp in the job search program. I was looking for a career coach to help me prepare for my job search after graduating with my masters degree. Teresa worked with me on how to best highlight my accomplishments and skills on my resume and in cover letters. Teresa also gave me advice on networking and other components of a successful job search. After working with her, I feel more confident about my resume and prepared for the next steps in my job search.



Director of Human Resources

Teresa is a gem. She has a wonderful, calming energy and is able to help you discover parts of yourself previously unknown through her coaching. She holds space for whatever you bring her and I never feel judged. Her intuition and listening skills are what make her stand out from other coaches I have worked with. She is a natural! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make change.




I contacted Teresa because I wanted to grow in my role as a General Counsel and as a leader. It quickly became apparent that these professional issues were related to my own development. Teresa's analytical, empathic, and challenging way of working on these issues helped me to grow. I especially highly recommend Teresa when it comes to developing holistically as a person.



Human Resources

Teresa is a very experienced and professional coach. She held a safe space that made me feel comfortable sharing a sensitive topic, helping me gain important insights during the session. Now I know how to deal with my internal conflicts and have a clear plan to move forward and accomplish my goals. After the session, I received so much energy and immediately started doing what I committed to at the end of the session. I can definitely recommend Teresa as a very professional coach.



Property Management

I hired Teresa to help me with my performance evaluation coming up at work. I wanted to make sure I was on track to be promoted. Teresa helped me craft my story around my strengths and the work that I did in the past year at my company. She asked questions that helped me recall important projects and worked with me to highlight the impact I've had on my team. Teresa also provided great advice about what to prepare and what to bring to the performance evaluation with my director. She gave ideas about what I could do to continue making good progress at work so that I can stand out for my promotion. I'm happy to report that the conversation with my director went very well and I am on track to being promoted! I have tools and insight about what I need to do in my career as I look to grow at the company.



TV Writer

Teresa was really careful to listen to my situation. After asking questions and making sure she understood, she'd not only give me great advice but help me get there on my own. Pulling from her own experiences and her knowledge of me as a person, she has been so helpful in helping me make big life decisions. I love talking to her because I know she will help me grasp whatever I'm going through.




Feeling lost in my career, I decided to work with Teresa at PathUp after our initial consultation. I had spent the last few years thinking through some big questions to determine my career path. However, I still felt unsure and unable to take action all the while being miserable at work. Working with Teresa was a breath of fresh air. She is intuitive and guides you to sort out your thoughts, but also steps in with insights and actionable feedback when needed. I worked with her in the Career Fulfillment and Career Clarity programs. Her exercises guided me through a series of deep self-reflection that led me to a confident decision. I am so grateful to have worked with Teresa these last few months. I only wish I had started the process sooner. Thank you Teresa and PathUp!



Property Management

I highly recommend Teresa for career development. I had issues managing my subordinate in an effective manner. After a year of hand holding, an abundant amount of guidance, and clear expectations, I found that my assistant had a very hard time meeting the expectations as well as being an effective employee. The option to 'release the reins' wasn't available as the negative consequences would have been significant. While I instituted weekly one on one meetings, Teresa suggested a different type of 'tracking'. Instead of task oriented discussions, we discuss his challenges and wins. This change of perspective for my assistant allowed him to finally see the ways in which he was ineffective. It created a space for him to see the bigger pictures and not just the singular task at hand. It has since been a few months and I can say that my assistant has improved on a weekly basis.



Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

I've been on my current career path for over a decade and was looking to pivot into something that spoke more to my innate purpose. However, I wanted to leverage and blend my existing skills into this next chapter so I wouldn't have to forfeit so much hard-earned experience or start from scratch. I recently finished PathUp's Career Clarity online course and have been able to figure out a new direction for my career, which I'm genuinely excited about! The course helped me realize what I wanted to do and had actionable steps to help me narrow down to a practical path. I would highly recommend Teresa's services to someone trying to figure out their path as a new professional or someone looking to change things up. Teresa is also extremely committed to her clients and it is evident she loves what she does!



Human Resources

Teresa was so easy to work with regarding my job search. She was able to answer the questions I had for someone that is starting to get back on the hunt. It has been 2 years since I've looked at my resume so I've been so hesitant to start the updating process. Teresa has valuable tips for me to use on my resume and interviews, fingers crossed. If you're looking for guidance for your job search, resume or interview, give Teresa a call. You won't regret it.



Business Analyst

I had a one-on-one coaching session with Teresa. She was a great listener and was able to answers my questions regarding my career transition. In a matter of seconds of our conversation I felt comfortable telling her my situation. Teresa was instrumental in guiding me through a full evaluation of my resume. Her advice was exactly what I needed to revamp my resume. I appreciate her providing a fresh prescriptive on job hunting and being confident in applying to jobs.

Thank you Teresa! I'm looking forward to re starting my job search.




When searching for a career coach, I knew I needed a program that would look deeper into what changes I could make. I came across Teresa's page on Yelp and could tell she was the coach with the type of deeper insight program I was looking for. Her testimonials live up to her work. Not only did she provide a program that helped me really analyze what I wanted to do for many years to come, but most importantly she gave me a comfortable, safe space to be vulnerable enough to truly process what was necessary for me to come to my final decision. Plus, Teresa in general is a very kind, non-judgemental, supportive coach who will help direct you to what you are most passionate about.



Software Developer

I reached out to Teresa since I felt like I was stuck in where I wanted to go in my career even though I am still early in my career. Teresa was able to help guide me based on her experience in the tech field. I thought that our conversation was extremely valuable and would highly recommend her to others looking for some direction in their career.