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Web/Graphic Design


7/10/2019 Update: The program has officially ended, but there will also be a new (fresh) start for myself. In the near three to four months of being under Teresa’s mentorship, it is truly the best educational experience I’ve had. Clearly, everything that was covered through the program isn’t taught in school. Teresa is simply a craftswoman that undeniably tailors this soul searching program to make sure the student gets full clarity of what they should passionately go after.


I can guarantee that even if, by the end of the program, an individual isn’t 100% sure about what they are willing to chase after… it will be at least 85%. There is no single takeaway that I could think of.


No spoiler alerts here! Bottom line is this: if YOU feel stuck, unsure, unmotivated, stagnant… unhappy with your current role and whatever industry you’re in, I urge you to reach out to Teresa. There is absolutely no way that this program won’t be beneficial in one way or another. Life can sometimes move too quickly and too often we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s not about being born into this world, getting an education, become married, and grow old. There is so much more than just that!


Teresa, I know I sound like a broken record, but I sincerely cannot thank you enough for these past several months. Thank you as well for sharing your personal and professional growth - inspiring at the very least!


It's impossible where to begin in how I'd describe Teresa as a (ongoing) career coach. tl;dr She is basically the Mohammed Ali of career coaching services.


I accidentally came across the life & career coaching programs when I signed up for LinkedIn's premium service as a trial. Coincidentally, Teresa appeared on my results page for both programs! Prior to that though, I already completed a phone consultation with her. From the short, but comprehensive chat that we had, I already knew in my gut that I would want to select her as my coach. Currently, I'm somewhat in the early-mid stages of the program... and if it were to stop right at this point, I would feel so accomplished with what has been done so far. There are people who have worked their way up to having a talent and then there are those who are naturally born with that talent. Without question, Teresa is the latter. She is similar to a player's coach, because she does beyond an incredible job of mentoring but being able to see eye-to-eye with her "player". It didn't take long for me to treat her more as a close friend rather than a coach. Make no mistake though! The overall structure of her program and assignments will unquestionably make anyone think far much deeper about themselves.


In no way shape or form do I work for Teresa, but I can unequivocally attest that she is one, if not the best, career coaches out there. I cannot thank her enough for what I've experienced so far because the kind of "discovery" I've come across is priceless beyond any means.

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UX/UI Designer


Teresa came at the time that I needed guidance the most. My sister, also a previous client of Teresa, referred her to me during the period when I was really lost. At first, I was a little skeptical as to how much this program could help me identify my tailor-made career but after the first call with Teresa, I knew I can trust her, and so I gave this program a shot. Looking back three months after, I can proudly say that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

In the past three months, Teresa provided me with clarity, encouragement, and guidance to figure out my career path. She helped me see my strengths and weaknesses, and the possibilities I have for my future path. Her assignments were really well planned out and guided me through a series of deep self-exploratory. During our calls, she would always ask thought-provoking questions, pinpoint where you’re stuck, and provide new perspectives to overcome your insecurities. Teresa genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them grow and succeed. What I love about Teresa is her empathy to understand her client’s emotions and current situations. She not only celebrates the small steps and big improvements with you but also provides you a safe space to be vulnerable. Her skills in coaching and seeing the potential in you are phenomenal! I would recommend her to anyone- without any hesitation!

Thank you again, Teresa! I would not have gotten to where I am today, feeling confident and ready to step foot into the new path, without your guidance.


Interior Design


I highly recommend working with Teresa!! Besides her thorough and detailed program, she is understanding, attentive, supportive, and incredibly caring. I came to Teresa having already done a lot of excavating of myself and going down paths of big questions, but Teresa helped me consolidate those wandering paths, dig deeper than previously, ask questions I hadn't thought to, and she directed me to resources and tools I had never thought of. Having Teresa to hold me accountable was exactly what I needed. If I did it all over again, I would have started with Teresa sooner.

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Talent Development


The Career For Me program brought me so much clarity and realization. Throughout this program, I learned how to pinpoint my unique set of strengths and passions. We even went deeper and uncovered hidden doubts and fears that I did not know was preventing me from reaching my potential. This career program changed my perspective around what I actually want out of life and what I am truly passionate for. Teresa is very passionate about helping others find the right career path. She will push you to find your potential. Her unique coaching skills helped me realize what career path would bring me the most fulfillment in life. I am now feeling more ready and confident than ever to go out and start pursuing my career. Thank you Teresa, your passion and empathy never goes unnoticed!




The career coaching program is a fantastic framework which questioned and guided me to thoroughly reflect on myself about how I am really thinking and feeling. It gives me a clear boundary about what I am good at, what I cannot bear and what options I can explore, thus leading me to what I should do next. After finishing this two months thinking process, I completely refreshed my understanding about what I want to achieve in my life and figured out a feasible plan. I truly believe that Teresa offers genuine help to people like me who are struggling to find a purpose.

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Business Intelligence


Career coaching was never something I'd consider - until I stumbled upon Teresa. Now I don't even hesitate to refer Teresa to people that are going through the job search process.


From the very first consultation with Teresa, it was clear to me that she has a natural talent of pinpointing not only the my strengths and accomplishments, but also identify the important qualities for the field I wanted to go into. She is also very good at uncovering my doubts and insecurities, and helped me work through them. She provided me with so much clarity and guidance, as well as how to package my experience, and recommended ways to improve as a candidate that no one else really thought of.


She is extremely organized and articulate, and knew how to ask the right questions to help me figure out what I was good at, and what I needed to work on. From our sessions I can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to find fulfillment in their careers. I wasn't even halfway through her program when I landed a job that checked all of my boxes!


Thank you again Teresa, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is lost in their career, or just need a little push in getting that final offer.

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IO Psychologist


Teresa is an amazing coach and helped me figure out my career path. After three months of the Career for Me program, I feel way more confident about my career choice and my personal strengths. The 1:1 coaching we had was really awesome and made me realize things about myself that has helped me a lot along the way of finding a new career. What I thought was my weakness is actually a strength. I highly recommend Teresa if you're looking for a career coach!




This review is long overdue. Let me just say that if you're unhappy in your role and looking for a new job, please work with Teresa as your coach. She is the most knowledgeable, supportive, and intuitive coach I have worked with (and I have worked with other career and life coaches in the past).

I was looking for career counseling or life coaching because I was really lost in my life. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing at my job but I also didn't know what was next. Even if I knew, I needed help with my resume and cover letter as well as the interview process. I found Teresa on Yelp. After speaking to a few career coaches, I decided to go with Teresa because of her background and her specialty with helping people figure out what they want and then helping them actually land those jobs.

I went through her career coaching program to determine what path was best for me. Let me tell you - I thought I knew a lot about what I wanted, what I was good at, what I was passionate about, and what I needed in a job - but I learned so much more about myself in the first couple weeks. We then took this newly discovered information and started analyzing it to figure out the best career paths for me. Her program provided me with the resources, charts, coaching exercises and assessments to figure out my path. During week 1 of working together, I wasn't able to see exactly how I would figure out my path, but Teresa advised me to really trust the process and it may take a couple of weeks to figure out. By week 4, I saw very clearly what I wanted and then we moved into the phase of actually choosing 1 career path. At week 6, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We then worked on tackling the hurdles and thoughts that prevented me from transitioning to a new job. I am so thankful to have found Teresa for career counseling because I would not have been able to figure it out on my own.

But what was even more important was how to land a job. Teresa is very knowledgeable about resumes, cover letters, networking, interviews, and your entire strategy that comes with a job search. She showed me how to tailor my resume to the jobs I wanted and how to write cover letters very quickly (it took me an hour to write each letter and now it takes me less than 20 minutes). She provided feedback on my resume and gave me ideas about my job search that no one else really told me before. Within a month of the job search, I received a handful of interviews. The feedback she provided me in mock interviews prepared me by teaching me how to articulate my experiences and showcasing myself in the best light. I ended up getting an offer that I'm really excited about and I start my new job in 3 weeks!

If you're looking for career counseling/coaching or life coaching, please do not hesitate to work with Teresa! She knows the ropes to the job search. It did take a lot of effort on my part, but Teresa's knowledge and guidance were invaluable. I don't think I could have figured out what path I wanted and landed a job so quickly without her help. Thank you again Teresa!!

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Freelance Graphic Designer


Teresa is an exceptional career coach. Her lessons and workbooks were very helpful in narrowing down the exact career that was right for me. She's especially good at asking the right questions, and getting down to the core of what's holding you back from making the career switch. During our calls she would always ask deeper questions because she wanted me to really understand myself. She's always very quick to respond with any questions I had and is always very thoughtful in her responses. I loved her openness and excitement for helping others find their career. She genuinely wishes everybody finds the perfect career.


User Researcher


Teresa played a huge role in helping me land a job. I was having trouble getting past the initial call with my interviews, and I knew I needed help. Teresa worked with me on showcasing my relevant experience thoughtfully and succinctly. Most importantly, she helped me find the confidence to express myself in a way that promotes my strengths, and not shy away from talking about my accomplishments.


Right off the bat, I could tell that she’s an expert in career coaching. She’s extremely organized and effective in communicating and teaching the kind of tools that work well for any particular situation. I learned a lot of frameworks that not only apply to interviewing, but to public speaking in general.


I highly recommend her if you ever need to find the confidence to navigate the grueling job search process. She’s a delight to work with!

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Human Resources


The Career for Me program helped me to really understand what I was looking for in a career that I wanted to pursue and to work towards. If I had to sum up my experience of this program in one word it would be "Eye-opening." I felt that as I progressed through each lesson, I was learning more and more about myself, about my strengths, passions, my fears, and even hidden self-limiting beliefs (learn about what this is in lesson 7!). I've learned to reframe how I think about myself, what my strengths and passions are (and even overcame many doubts and fears). I've gained so much more confidence to pursue the career that I believe is right for me. I no longer feel any doubt in my abilities and so excited for what's to come! Thank you Teresa for your guidance, coaching, for your thoughtfulness and flexibility! 


Radio Producer


I opted for 1:1 coaching with Teresa for help with resume and cover letter writing. She is incredibly thoughtful and helped hold me accountable to my goals. Applying to jobs is overwhelming, but Teresa helped me build confidence with personalized critiques and clear best practices. Teresa is generous and sincere in her desire to help her clients overcome whatever blocks are in their way. Her career expertise is invaluable, but what makes her stand apart is that she has a big heart and is genuinely invested in seeing you succeed.

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UX Design


The Career Clarity program helped me find my new career in UX. Teresa's ability to analyze a situation and current circumstances to solve problems is uncanny. Her empathy radar is finely-tuned and will go out of her way to make sure you are happy with where you are in life. Her happiness comes from her passionate contribution to seeing others happy. She has such a strong desire to help people along their journey to reach their point of success that I felt compelled to give it my all as she has for me and I cannot thank her enough for her support in my journey. During my journey to a career change, she ensured I was on the track to what I defined as success. She asks tough questions in a judgement free environment where I can comfortably answer. Whether it is analyzing my relationships and defining what I currently want in life or finding ways to incorporate my passion into my career, she's been there to convert my hesitant thoughts to one of confidence. I have no doubt she will contribute her passionate efforts to anyone that is also considering a career change.




I have to really thank Teresa and the Career Clarity program for helping me find my career path in Dietetics. I had been working in sales for a long while but I was very unhappy. My problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do. I only knew that my sales career did not fulfill my need to help others. The Career Clarity program helped me realize what I was innately great at and what I was passionate about. The career tools and assessments were thought-provoking and insightful. I was asked questions (about the things I did and the way I think) that I never thought of before. The coaching exercises changed the way I looked at how I should view my career. In the end, I feel like I know myself better and I know for certain that I want to be in Dietetics. I am now going back to school to get my master's degree and I couldn't be happier. It is a long road from here, but I feel confident to make my career change. Thank you Teresa for your coaching and guidance and thank you for this program!

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Business Analytics


Teresa gave great guidance on helping me discover my strengths. Her program to find a new career path is extremely thought-provoking and helps lead you down a journey of self-discovery. Through her lessons, I became more in tune with what I'd like out of a career and what motivates me at work.  She also provides anecdotes of her own experience as well, which I found valuable when trying to draw on examples from my own life.


Working through the lessons and going over them with Teresa made me feel more accountable towards my career discovery and helped me gain a better appreciation for my strengths and how I can utilize them in a career.




I am so happy to have been able to take Teresa's program. I was having a hard time finding a place for myself where I felt I would make a difference. Teresa really gave me the push in the right direction and thanks to her, I am now striving and getting my PharmD degree. If you are hesitant about needing a life coach, please do yourself a favor and reach out to her. Sometimes in life, all we need is a little push.

To add, Teresa's honesty and empathy are what sets her apart from the field. No matter how I struggled, she remained understanding, patient, and compassionate. She took it upon herself to make sure that I succeeded in the journey I had chosen for myself and she saw it through that I made the appropriate steps. Her advice was concise and thorough and never felt complex or too difficult to understand.

She is not afraid to push and ask pressing questions, yielding yourself to question and think things through. I whole-heartedly believe she has a passion for making a difference. I would recommend her to anyone especially those my age, to seek her counsel as she has a way with pushing you toward a life-fulfilling career.


Director of Sales Enablement


Feeling my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be and after searching through the hundreds of career coaches, finding Teresa was exciting!  Her impressive experience and thoughtful approach were the perfect fit for the insight and guidance I needed.  She immediately knew my strategy needed an expert’s perspective and added tips to help me think differently.  As a frustrated job seeker, I felt she instilled the confidence needed to continue my career journey and implement the necessary shift in my approach.  Teresa combines industry knowledge with thought provoking questions and genuine empathy while still holding you accountable, which as a result leaves you feeling truly empowered.


Footwear Design


Doing some research on career counseling, I came across Teresa and her team over at PathUp. I am SO happy with my choice, deciding to go with Teresa over the other listed counselors ensued in amazing results. Teresa is very soft-spoken, patient, and open-minded. Most importantly, she is very informative on the data that will help you succeed in better standing out when applying for jobs. She was able to accommodate all of my needs and then some. Overall the experience was both enjoyable and satisfying. I would highly recommend if anyone needs any assistance with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, or any other facet of the interviewing process to reach out to Teresa and her team.


People Operations


Looking to make a transition in my career I reached out to Teresa for some pointers on how to successfully navigate a pivot! Interacting with Teresa has been pleasurable - she is prompt, personable, and prepared! Teresa is very knowledgeable & although she had a tentative strategy in place (she does her homework ;-)) she is very keen on listening to the needs/experience of her client. She opts to ask those thought provoking questions that help lead you vs pushing a 'one size fits all' solution into action and makes the necessary adjustments. This sets her apart from the pack!


Program Management


I had been thinking about career coaching for a little while, but was hesitant to take the plunge until recently. I came across Teresa's profile and thought I'd finally schedule time with a professional to 1) review my resume; 2) offer feedback about my LinkedIn; and 3) identify tangible next steps in my career search.

Teresa delivered.

She is organized, thoughtful, and easy to communicate with. As someone looking to make a career change, I was in desperate need of coach who could help me sift through and clearly articulate what I was looking for in my next opportunity. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a coach who is willing to patiently guide you down the best path for you. Thanks for all your support, Teresa!

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Teresa is not only an excellent career coach, but she is also a wonderful, kind, and honest person. I consider myself lucky to have come across her website. I always looked forward to our sessions. Teresa was patient, knowledgeable, and to the point. She is focused and determined to help me achieve my goals in each session. 


Teresa helped me create an outstanding resume, showed me efficient ways to write cover letters, and we even practiced mock interviews.


I feel confident every time I go in for a job interview. I've received many offers and I'm still interviewing to see all of my options. I couldn't be happier with the results. 


Thank you Teresa!


Sales Operations


​I can’t write enough great things about choosing to go with Teresa Lee for my career coaching needs. From start to finish, Teresa was not only professional, flexible, honest, but extremely helpful with her targeted approach. Our initial discussion on my job hunt led me to redesign how I was approaching my interview preparation. But by far the most effective tool she gave me was interview practice. Her pointed questions that were specific to the jobs I was interviewing for allowed me to organize my thoughts and response clearly. I not only gained confidence in how I would answer interview questions, but I also gained insight into what was the interviewer’s motive behind asking each question.

I can’t be happier with the assurance I now feel when in an interview – all thanks to Teresa!

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Senior Data Analyst


​I am currently at a mid-level analyst role in the health tech space and trying to figure out the next step in my career. Teresa was very perceptive and skilled at sorting through my worries and frustrations to help me realize what I truly wanted to do but was too afraid of pursue.


She also helped me set up a realistic plan to start working towards my goals. I recommend anyone feeling lost in their careers to work with Teresa!

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Yale Student / Biomed Engineer


I was a client of Teresa's this past year. I am currently a college student and really wanted help in the job/internship search process. I didn't have much experience with resumes, interviews, and all things in between and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, a family friend referred me to Teresa and she has been extremely helpful in the process.


Teresa is an encouraging mentor who does not just praise you when you do well, she is not afraid to tell you when you are NOT doing well. I remember when I was practicing interviews, she would give it to me straight: if I answered a question well, she said that. If I didn't, she would also tell me and let me know.


One of the things I love about Teresa is that she is so easy to talk to. From day 1, we were chatting and having normal conversation and it was definitely not awkward. She is extremely personable, making the process that much more valuable -- she is not just a coach, but a mentor and friend.


If you are looking for someone who is GENUINE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and PASSIONATE about helping you reach YOUR BEST POTENTIAL, I would definitely contact Teresa.


Asset Management


​I was searching for a new career and Teresa helped me tremendously with interview tactics, such as listening carefully to what the interviewer is asking me, and helping me understand what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Teresa also worked with me to organize my thoughts so I could carry specific points across to the recruiter.  She was great at identifying my strengths and weaknesses in how I interview, and provided guidance on how to present myself confidently.


One memorable incident was when Teresa asked me to think carefully about the 3 adjectives that I would use to describe myself.  She identified that it's an opportunity to showcase my strengths into the qualities the recruiter is looking for in the candidate. Although this might be a simple question many people can answer, Teresa stressed the importance of being able to support the adjectives with examples and evidence. Her guidance was incredibly helpful and allowed me to move forward with interviews.


Web Development


Update: I worked with Teresa to find my strengths and see how I can leverage them in a new career. I was finding a hard time figuring out what my next steps should be and wanted my career transition to be done intentionally and thoughtfully. I decided to go through Teresa's program since I worked with her before and she was able to help me narrow down my interests and what my innate strengths were. Our weekly calls were always productive and she always asked me thought-provoking questions about myself that I never thought about before. After her program, I felt more confident in what direction I wanted to go in for my career and she was able to guide me on what my next steps should be. Teresa is an invaluable resource & I highly recommend her!

If you need someone to push you to your full potential, Teresa is your girl.

When I was fresh out of college and trying to find my first full time job, it was so hard for me to get started. I knew what I needed to do but the thought of all the cover letters I had to write, all the resumes I had to send out, and all the interviews I had to do just made me feel stuck and I didn’t know how to get started. I confided in Teresa and within the week, she literally sat me down, put a laptop in front of me, and coached me to apply to over 30 jobs that night. THIRTY JOBS! In one night!


I was not excited (to say the least) to start this process but it really helped me see that if I wanted something, I had to put in the effort and time. Tough love, but I definitely needed it! Within a month, I got my first full-time job & couldn’t have done it without her. Teresa will go above and beyond to help you & won’t stop until you reach your goals.


TV Writer


Teresa was really careful to listen to my situation. After asking questions and making sure she understood, she'd not only give me great advice but help me get there on my own. Pulling from her own experiences and her knowledge of me as a person, she has been so helpful in helping me make big life decisions. I love talking to her because I know she will help me grasp whatever I'm going through.


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