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We strive to help driven individuals find work they love.

These are the driving beliefs that motivate us to do what we do.

Your career is a projection of exactly who you are.

What you do in your career reflects the person that you are. If you’re unhappy in your career, then it’s a telltale sign that your career doesn’t accurately project you. We wholeheartedly want you to achieve career fulfillment and work tirelessly to help you get there.

Maximum career fulfillment is at the intersection of your strengths, passions, and needs.

We believe that a career that utilizes your strengths, incorporates your passions, and addresses your needs is the career for you. A career that sits in this intersection (your sweet spot) is the one that will help you reach maximum career fulfillment.

You must deeply understand who you are before finding a career that suits you.

Most individuals we work with have tried to find a new career path by speaking to others who have had career transitions or asking for informational interviews to learn more about new careers. However, we do not believe this is the most successful way to find a new career path. Because your career is a projection of exactly who you are, you must understand who you are before exploring potential careers.

Working with a career coach to find your new career path shouldn’t break the bank.

We know exactly how it feels to be confused about your career. We also know how it feels to learn that the price tag on coaching can be way out of your budget. That’s why our career coaching programs are about $500 more affordable than comparable programs - because we want to help you achieve without breaking the bank.

Good career coaches don’t tell you what to do, but rather guide you to come to your own conclusions.

Our career coaching programs don’t give you any answers because we believe you must come to conclusions on your own in order to take action and pursue a new career. As such, our career coaching programs get you to think very deeply throughout the soul searching process. There is significant work involved, but we believe it takes both effort from you and practical guidance from us to decide on a new career path.

Everyone is capable of finding a fulfilling career.

Many people who work with us are uncertain about whether there is a career that will fulfill them. We show them that finding the right career is possible and that they are fully capable of doing so. 

Having negative thoughts is expected when making a career change. Career coaches should address these negative thoughts and help you build the confidence to change careers.

We know that you’ll likely experience negative thoughts and concerns when choosing a new career, but we do not want these thoughts to hinder you from pursuing a new path. Our programs are designed to help you overcome these negative thoughts so you have the confidence to make a career change.

Dream careers are often earned.

We guide you to find your dream career, but we also want you to understand that dream careers are often earned careers. It can take some time to build your new career up to a place where every piece of the puzzle fits. The important thing is that your must-haves are addressed and that you're on the right path.

Money does matter - and we guide you to find a career that you’re financially happy with.

We never want anyone to pursue a career that doesn’t financially support them, so we will never encourage pursuing your passion if it’s a financially-unwise decision. However, we do believe that there is a career out there that fits you and will financially support you, so we seek to help people like you find that career.


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