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Get recommendations for your LinkedIn profile by a career coach who previously worked at LinkedIn setting up targeted inMails to members.

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Hi, I'm Teresa!


I've worked at companies such as LinkedIn, Hulu, and Warner Music Group and have received interviews and offers within 2 months of job searching - all through my LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn has a recruiting software specifically for prospective employers looking for job candidates, so recruiters are actively targeting LinkedIn members for open jobs. If you're wondering how they're targeting them, you're in good hands :-)

I used to work at LinkedIn and my role was to set up the target audiences for ads. I know the targeting options by heart (geo, demo, function, title, etc) and I know how recruiters use LinkedIn to find members for open jobs.

That means I know how to set up your LinkedIn profile so you're best positioned to get hired through LinkedIn.

Ready to get hired through your LinkedIn profile? Book a session with me today. 




If you’d like to identify a new career path and work on your job search, this is the right program for you.

The Career Fulfillment + Job Search Program provides you with 6 coaching sessions, email support, 30+ coaching exercises, access to the career database and assessment that uses machine learning to match you to 800+ careers, full access to the Career Clarity program ($799 value), and resume/cover letter templates.

We will aim to spend 3 sessions on identifying your path and 3 sessions on the job search. This program is a great fit for those who want to work on the job search but want to spend only a few sessions identifying the right path.

Please note that if you want to seriously focus on identifying the right career path, we would recommend considering the Career Fulfillment - Elite Package, which provides us with more time to identify your path and work on your job search.





6 sessions of career coaching
Frequency: ~2 sessions per month
Each session lasts for 30-45 min

Email support
Access to Career Clarity ($799 value)

Career Database & Assessment
Valid for 3 months

Payment plans are available
Please contact us for more info

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Teresa is not only an excellent career coach, but she is also a wonderful, kind, and honest person. I consider myself lucky to have come across her website. I always looked forward to our sessions. Teresa was patient, knowledgeable, and to the point. She is focused and determined to help me achieve my goals in each session. 


Teresa helped me create an outstanding resume, showed me efficient ways to write cover letters, and we even practiced mock interviews.


I feel confident every time I go in for a job interview. I've received many offers and I'm still interviewing to see all of my options. I couldn't be happier with the results. 


Thank you Teresa!

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If you need someone to push you to your full potential, Teresa is your girl.

When I was fresh out of college and trying to find my first full time job, it was so hard for me to get started. I knew what I needed to do but the thought of all the cover letters I had to write, all the resumes I had to send out, and all the interviews I had to do just made me feel stuck and I didn’t know how to get started. I confided in Teresa and within the week, she literally sat me down, put a laptop in front of me, and coached me to apply to over 30 jobs that night. THIRTY JOBS! In one night! I was not excited (to say the least) to start this process but it really helped me see that if I wanted something, I had to put in the effort and time. Tough love, but I definitely needed it! Within a month, I got my first full-time job & couldn’t have done it without her. Teresa will go above and beyond to help you & won’t stop until you reach your goals.



I can’t write enough great things about choosing to go with Teresa Lee for my career coaching needs. From start to finish, Teresa was not only professional, flexible, honest, but extremely helpful with her targeted approach. Our initial discussion on my job hunt led me to redesign how I was approaching my interview preparation. But by far the most effective tool she gave me was interview practice. Her pointed questions that were specific to the jobs I was interviewing for allowed me to organize my thoughts and response clearly. I not only gained confidence in how I would answer interview questions, but I also gained insight into what was the interviewer’s motive behind asking each question.

I can’t be happier with the assurance I now feel when in an interview – all thanks to Teresa!

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